Perineoplasty Surgery Cost in Dubai

Everyone should be sexually confident about themselves and not shy away from their bodies. But unfortunately, not everyone is that privileged. Some people do not feel confident in their own skin and tend to get intimate cosmetic surgery for themselves. One of these intimate surgeries is perineoplastic surgery. Lately, this surgery has been gaining fast popularity among the female population. It has helped several women get their sexual confidence back, leading to an improvement in their lives. The recent years have seen a major boost in the demand for this surgery. This also boosted the price tag of the procedure.

What is Perineoplasty?

This procedure is the surgical process of tightening up the area that is present between your anus and your vagina. This area is known as the perineum and it can get damaged due to trauma. This procedure falls under intimate cosmetic surgery and is performed at every renowned plastic surgery clinic. The procedure follows your typical surgery steps and the results are a firmer vagina.

How is the Surgery Performed?

This surgery is performed like a normal rejuvenation surgery. The steps are:

  • The first thing that the surgeon will do is to examine the perineum muscles.
  • After examination, they will discuss the possibilities of the results.
  • The results will depend on what you prefer. If you want to sew up just one inch, then that’s what u will get.
  • The surgeon will put you under sedatives to help you sleep.
  • Next, they will mark and make small stitches on the perineum muscles.
  • After the stitches are put in, you will be bandaged.

Getting Perineoplasty Surgery in Dubai has been easier than ever. Even now there are several clinics adding this surgery to their list of services.

How Much Does Perineoplasty Surgery Cost in Dubai?

This procedure is an expensive process and will cost you starting from 15,000 AED. This cost includes all the required materials needed for the surgery and there are no extra charges for that. Most clinics do not include these extra charges in the procedure. But we at Dynamic Clinic do not have any hidden charges or extra tax that you will have to pay on top of the total bill. This means that the Perineoplasty surgery cost in Dubai is much more affordable as compared to other countries.

Factors Effecting the Cost Of Surgery:

If you feel like the clinic is charging you more money, then you should know that the extra cost is due to several external factors. These factors include:

  • Complications during surgery.
  • The amount of work that needs to be done.
  • The difference in operating surgeon’s fee.
  • Any extra services such as a night’s stay.
  • Follow-up doctor’s appointments.
  • Prescribed medication and ointments.
  • Any extra bandages you might get.

Another thing to keep in mind is that this procedure is considered a cosmetic procedure.So there are very few chances that insurance will cover this procedure. However, we offer complimentary consultation services to all our clients, making us one of the Best Intimate Surgery Clinics in Dubai

Is Perineuoplasty Surgery Beneficial?

This surgery is a cosmetic procedure that enhances the look and feel of the vagina. But that does not mean that this procedure does not serve any medical purpose. The following list explains the benefits of this process:

  • Improvement in sexual fulfillment.
  • Boost in self-esteem.
  • Smaller vaginal size.
  • Removal of scar tissue.
  • Recovery from Urine incontinence.
  • Helps treat Painful Sex.
  • Helps treat the involuntary contractions of the vagina during intercourse.
  • Reduces painful tampon insertion.

Perineoplasty Surgery in Dubai will make you feel young and give you a newly found confidence to be yourself!

How Long is a Perineoplatic Surgery?

This surgical treatment does not require too much work to be done. Hence it can easily be performed in under 2 hours. Sometimes it can be done in just under 1 hour. The amount of time needed for the procedure depends on the complication of the situation. Sometimes the vagina will have a number of warts and deformities as well. These will be removed but it takes longer as compared to a patient who just needs to get a firmer vagina.

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