Ozone Therapy: Medical Treatment With Oxygen

Everyone wishes for a beautiful and energetic body. But because of many things and diseases. We face many health issues. Do you know what ozone therapy is? It may sound like something out of a science fiction film. But it is an actual medical treatment that is working for years to help with a wide range of health issues. It is a non-invasive, natural treatment. That uses ozone gas to promote healing in the body. If you are looking for Ozone Therapy in Dubai: Medical Treatment With Oxygen. It is an alternative medicine that uses ozone gas. It is divisive because of concerns about its efficacy and safety. Researchers are investigating the effects of therapy on the human body.

What is Ozone Therapy in Dubai?

It is a type of complementary medicine. That uses ozone gas to treat a variety of health problems. Ozone gas is a reactive form of oxygen that helps promote healing in the body. The treatment works in the following conditions:

  • Injection into the bloodstream.
  • Application to the skin on a topical basis.
  • Inhalation treatment.
  • Insufflation of the rectum

Ozone Therapy in Dubai & Abu Dhabi is based on this idea. That ozone gas stimulates the body’s natural healing processes. It has safe antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory properties. So that can help strengthen the immune system. And also promote healing in the body.

How does Ozone Therapy work?

The treatment works by introducing ozone gas into the body. A trained healthcare professional will administer the gas. But determining the best method of administration depends on the patient’s needs. When ozone gas enters the body, it promotes healing by:

  • Immune system stimulation.
  • Improving circulation and increasing oxygenation in the body.
  • Inflammation reduction.
  • Arthritis treatment.
  • It also combats viral diseases like HIV and SARS.
  • It helps in wound disinfection.
  • The procedure triggers the immune system.
  • Ischemic heart disease treatment.
  • Macular degeneration treatment.
  • the treatment of cancer.

Therapy can help improve a wide range of health issues. From chronic pain to autoimmune disorders, by doing these things.


The doctor recommends certain precautions be taken before undergoing treatment. The following are the pre-procedure instructions:

  • Use no alcoholic beverages.
  • Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.
  • Applicants must discuss their health condition with the doctor.
  • Stop using all products and medications before the treatment. 


The doctor uses several procedures to introduce ozone into the body. Ozone is a naturally occurring compound found in the atmosphere. It consists of three oxygen molecules. When it enters the body, it increases the blood’s oxygenation. This reduces oxidative stress. Oxidative stress reduction slows down cellular processes. The procedure helps to reverse the aging signs. It also improves the stimulation of cytokines. Which boosts the immune system. It boosts the body’s antioxidant capacity. Which aids in the treatment of infections and inflammations.


It is a beneficial procedure that strengthens the body’s immune system. And also aids in the elimination of various health conditions. So you need to follow the expert’s guide after the treatment. The following are the post-procedure instructions:

  • Maintain a healthy, well-balanced diet.
  • Consume vegetables and fruits.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Avoid consuming alcohol or caffeine.
  • Applicants must consult their doctor.
  • Applicants must use the prescribed medications.

What are the Advantages of Ozone Therapy in Dubai?

For years, the treatment has to treat a variety of health issues. Because it is a very effective alternative to invasive treatment. The following are the key benefits of the treatment:

  • Reduced inflammation: Ozone gas has anti-inflammatory properties. Which can aid in the reduction of swelling and inflammation in the body.
  • Ozone therapy can help improve blood flow and oxygenation in the body. Which can improve health and well-being.
  • Immune system stimulation: Ozone gas has been shown to stimulate the immune system. Which can aid in the fight against infections and illnesses.
  • Pain relief: Therapy is popular because it can help reduce pain. 

What are the Dangers of Ozone Therapy in Dubai?

The treatment has risks and potential side effects. While most people tolerate ozone therapy well. But some people may have negative reactions. The following are some of the most common side effects of Ozone Therapy:

  • Headache.
  • Fatigue.
  • Nausea.
  • Dizziness.
  • Respiratory issues.
  • Irritation of the skin.

Ozone therapy can cause serious side effects in rare cases. Such as kidney damage, lung injury, or blood disorders. Before treatment, it is critical to discuss the risks and benefits with experts.


The Cost of Ozone Therapy in Dubai is very low. But it can vary for all applicants. There are many factors that can influence the cost of the treatment. The following are the cost-influencing factors:

  • The expertise of the doctor.
  • The condition of the applicants.
  • The need of the candidates.
  • The reputation and location of the clinic.

Applicants must consult with our expert to find out the final cost of the treatment.

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