Cost of Posterior Repair in Dubai

Posterior colporrhaphy, or posterior repair or rectocele fix, is a surgery to address explicit ailments connected with the pelvic floor and vaginal wall. It is required when a lady encounters issues related to a rectocele or back vaginal wall prolapse. A rectocele happens when the rectal wall distends into the back mass of the vagina because of debilitated pelvic floor muscles and sash, frequently a consequence of labor, maturing, or different elements.

This condition can prompt challenges with bowel movements, incomplete evacuation, or an impression of vaginal completion. The medical procedure plans to fix and build up the vaginal wall, reestablishing appropriate physical help and capability. Therefore, women tend to find the accurate Cost of Posterior Repair in Dubai to eliminate this issue.

What is it?

Posterior Repair in Dubai is a surgical procedure that aims to improve issues connected with the back vaginal wall and rectocele. A rectocele is a condition wherein the wall between the rectum and the rear of the vagina debilitates, permitting the rectum to swell into the vaginal space. Back fix plans to address this prolapse by fixing and fortifying the back vaginal wall, reestablishing ordinary physical help and capability. During the technique, the specialist makes a cut in the vaginal wall, repositions and fixes the impacted tissues, and may eliminate abundant tissue if essential.


It is a deep-rooted technique that can successfully address rectocele and further develop the patient’s satisfaction. Patients are ordinarily encouraged to stay away from demanding proactive tasks and intercourse for half a month following the medical procedure to consider legitimate recuperating. Moreover, the doctor initiates the procedure after making certain that the individual is an eligible candidate for the procedure.

  • The strategy starts with the organization of sedation, typically either general sedation or local sedation, to guarantee the patient is agreeable and torment-free during the medical procedure.
  • The specialist cuts through the vaginal wall close to the rectocele. The area and size of the cut might shift depending on the seriousness of the prolapse and the specialist’s methodology.
  • He then repositions and fixes the debilitated or extended tissues of the back vaginal wall painstakingly. The specialist might eliminate abundance tissue if important to reestablish the ordinary structure and offer better help to the rectum.
  • After the tissue repair, he utilized strong stitches or lines to get and build up the fixed tissues. These stitches assist with keeping up with the rectified place of the vaginal wall and rectum.
  • When the maintenance is finished, the entry point in the vaginal wall is shut with dissolvable stitches. It might be taken out during a subsequent appointment.


After the medical procedure, the doctor firmly observes the patient in a recuperation region until they awake from sedation. Most patients can get back around the same time or the next day. Yet it’s fundamental to have a mindful grown-up accessible to help with transportation.

  • Revision of rectocele, reducing swelling of the rectum into the vaginal wall.
  • Further developed gut capability, including a more straightforward stool section and decreased sensation of vaginal fullness
  • Upgraded by and large personal satisfaction with a decrease in bothersome rectocele-related side effects.
  • Rebuilding of ordinary anatomy for the back vaginal wall.
  • Negligibly obtrusive methodology with more limited recuperation times and decreased post-surgical agony.
  • Protection of sexual capability much of the time, considering the resumption of sexual movement.
  • High achievement rate in treating rectocele and giving long-haul help.
  • Expands comfort and help from distress and strain related to rectocele.
  • Works on self-confidence and generally prosperity because of resolving symptoms.
  • Fitted way to deal with and meet individual patient necessities, guaranteeing customized and viable treatment.


The Cost of Posterior Repair in Dubai can differ altogether contingent upon a few elements. By and large, the expenses in Dubai can go from AED 25,000 to AED 40,000 or more. Notwithstanding, it is crucial to remember that these expenses are estimated and can change depending on different factors. 

The geographic area assumes a significant part, with metropolitan regions having greater expenses of living and frequently charging more for operations. The decision of the medical services office, whether it’s a clinic or an outpatient surgical center. It can influence the general expense, as medical clinics commonly have higher costs. Moreover, the intricacy of the case, extra strategies performed, and pre and post-operative considerations are all factors that can affect the cost of this procedure. Therefore, individuals should consult with doctors and discuss their condition thoroughly with them.

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