Nefertiti Lift Treatment For Jawline in Dubai

You can hide your facial imperfections by pricey serums and foundations, concealers and a lot more . Concealing the wrinkles and fine lines is also possible however there is nothing much you can do for your jawline and the neck because nothing can work on them except a Nefertiti treatment. this treatment is exclusively designed to target the areas that sag or lose their tonicity overtime especially the neck and the jawline. The Nefertiti Lift Treatment for jawline and Necklift in Dubai is done by Botox injections that is very effective especially in uplifting and tightening the problematic areas of the skin. 

What Is A Nefertiti Lift Treatment?

You must have heard about the Nefertiti lift treatment for jaw line. Surprisingly the name is inferred after an Egyptian queen and Nefertiti means beautiful . She was very famous for her jawline and hence the name. 

As a person ages the neck and the jawline are the areas that become very saggy loose and irregular. The skin becomes very thin and limp and so a high definition treatment like the Nefertiti lift it should be used the goal of the treatment is to soften up the necklines smoothing them and instantly add a lift to the jaw without having the need to undergo a surgery.

How Is Nefertiti Lift Treatment Done?

A nefertiti lift treatment in dubai is basically done by Botox injections. A Botox injection comprises of a botulinum toxin that Produced by a bacterium responsible for blocking up the electrical impulses. That contract the muscles of the face is responsible for preventing the skin to lose their elasticity its mode of action is to prevent the muscle spasms and restrict their movement. As soon as the Botox injection is inserted into the targeted site the jawline or the neck for example will become tighter and smoothened.

Where Is The Botox Injection Administered? 

The Botox injection is injected around the sides of the jaw line, the corner of the neck and around the angles which connects the neck with the jaw. 

What To Expect After The Results Of a Nefertiti  Lift For Jawline? 

  • A perfectly toned jawline.
  •  Lifted and elastic nick.
  •  High-definition facial profile.
  •  Youthful and younger looking appearance.
  •  maintains the facial profile without disturbing the facial symmetry.
  •  keeps the neck stiff and limits the sagginess of the skin.

How To Maintain The Face After A Nefertiti Lift Treatment For Jawline?

If you want your Nefertiti treatment to last longer then following the below mentioned guidelines religiously would really help: 

  • Get facials and massages regularly.
  • Moisturize your face daily in a circular motion by lifting the targeted jaw lines. 
  • Invest in buying a jade ruler that is very beneficial especially for keeping the jawline contoured and shaped.

How Much Does A Nefertiti Lift Treatment For Jawline Cost In Dubai?

As far as the price is concerned, a Nefertiti lift treatment for jawline cost in Dubai depends upon the complexity and requirement of the patient. Some candidates demand an increased amount of lifting and contouring and so the charges vary for the amount of varying degrees.

Are You The Right Candidate For Nefertiti Lift Treatment? 

If you fulfil the criteria of the following then you are the right candidate for Nefertiti lift treatment:

  • Are older than 30 years.
  • Have sagging lines and folds around the neck.
  • Want an instant lift around the neck .
  • Need a well-contoured jawline with perfect angle. 
  • Long for a celebrity- like face.
  • Want to improve your facial profile. 
  • Need a treatment that does not change the facial symmetry.
  • Want to look years younger. 

How Many Sessions Of A Nefertiti Lift Treatment Is Required? 

The number of sessions completely depends on the validity of the nefertiti treatment. It is also based on the desired results. If you have achieved it according to yourself and the aesthetician then you may not need to continue the sessions anymore. 


The reason why Nefertiti lift treatment for jawline in Dubai is getting so common is because of the terrific results and least possible side effects. Book an appointment for you Nefertiti sessions and reveal a younger looking youthfulness in you!