Most Common Female Sexual Dysfunction in Dubai and Treatments

Dubai is quite prevalent with female sexual dysfunctions. It has impacted the lives of many women.  Its diagnosis, recognition, and treatment are important for fertility. It is not just essential for the overall well-being but for future family planning as well. In this article, we will give you the basic highlights of the most common types of Female Sexual Dysfunction in Dubai, and how they manifest, and will also give you the knowledge of what treatments our clinic offers. Our institute stands as the vast front line of defense especially for women. 

Female Sexual Dysfunction in Dubai:

Abu Dhabi and Dubai are fast-paced cities where people from a vast and diverse population are present.  We get to cater to patients with unique challenges related to female sexual dysfunction. It is quite surprising that around 7 in 10 females in Dubai are struggling with problems related to infertility which is secondary to female sexual dysfunction.  We now offer various treatments related to the reproductive health of females. We stand as a one-stop solution for all women.

Signs and Symptoms:

  • Lack of interest in sexual intercourse and low sexual drive.
  • Not being able to become sexually aroused despite having appropriate stimulation and foreplay.
  • Some women may experience a complete absence of organisms or a delay.
  • Severe pelvic pain while performing the deed or on penetration.
  • Extremely tight and constricted vagina urinary incontinence because of the problems associated with the pelvic floor muscles.

Treatments to Overcome the Challenges of FSD:

Our Dynamic Clinic tries to bring effective management for female sexual health and reproduction in Dubai. We have Gynecologists who carry out these strategies with precision and accuracy. 

Psychotherapy and Counseling Sessions:

We have a vast team of psychotherapists who work through therapeutic interventions that include cognitive behavior therapy. They also address the basic or the underlying psychological factors that are embedded in the minds of the women that lead to sexual problems. We recommend open communication with the partners among themselves and the counselors.


Our specialist prescribes medicine that may include hormonal treatments, topical agents, or drugs that target the neurotransmitters. In some cases, our specialist may also prescribe antidepressants that can help to overcome problems with psychological issues leading to reproductive problems.

Lifestyle Modification:

If you adopt a healthy lifestyle that is inclusive of proper exercise, a healthy diet, and keeping away from stress then this can have a positive impact on your overall reproductive health. Try to meditate often so that it improves the blood flow. The better the blood flow the better a sexual response. 

Pelvic Floor Muscle Exercises:

There are many pelvic floor exercises such as kegel exercises which are considered the safest and most effective treatment for many female sexual problems. It also improves urinary incontinence and release pain from conditions like vaginismus. 

Hormonal Therapies:

Our Senior expert suggests that in cases where females are experiencing hormonal imbalances that can be because of menopause for some, hormone replacement therapy is an excellent solution.  This helps to lower the symptoms such as vaginal dryness and improve the lubrication. It is a wholesome to improve the overall sexual well-being of a female. 

Surgical Treatments:

When all the variation treatments go in vain, experts then suggest surgical treatments like labiaplasty or others to help females get relief from genito-pelvic pain. 

Concerning surgical treatment, we also offer aesthetic treatment such as PRP and fillers. These treatment aims to improve the blood flow and trigger collagen stimulation. As a result these collectively work on the overall improvement of blood circulation. 

We also offer O- shots that are highly effective in improving orgasmic feelings. 

Expected Results after Taking First Treatment in Dubai?

Women who are seeking treatments for FSD can expect the following results: 

  • Improved sexual wellness and satisfaction.
  • Proper lubrication upon arousal.
  • Better Bond and healthy relationships with their partners.
  • A feeling of self-confidence and raised self-esteem.
  • Better chances of fertility.

The Final Verdict!

Our Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic stands in the front as a beacon of support. Our specialized team and top-notch sexual experts strive hard to address Female Sexual Dysfunction in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. We offer personalized care and comprehensive treatments with strict confidential terms. We provide a safe space for all women to explore and address their concerns. Get on the first step to fulfilling your intimate issues by reaching out to our Dynamic Clinic clinic. We are your partner in perfect sexual healthcare.