Miradry for Hands

Sweating is considered as a very good body function. It keeps your body cold and releases hyperthermia. The thing you should know is that having a proper balance and mechanism of sweating keeps your body regulated and maintains the overall body temperature.  Little do you know that excessive sweating is not a good thing and it’s a signal that your body might be struggling with any medical condition that is unnoticed. Sweating of the underarms or the entire body is relatively common but the sweating of the palms is not very normal to occur.  The advent of Miradry in Dubai is a very safe and sound treatment for hyperhidrosis.  Here is the take about hyperhidrosis and the use of mirror dry as its treatment.  

Why do I Sweat so Much ? 

As told earlier that sweating is the body’s normal mechanism and it’s part of the regulation and homeostasis.  There can be a couple of reasons as to why you sweat a lot it can be because either your sebaceous glands work hyperactivity, it could be because you have a hyperactive metabolic activity in the body or either you are struggling with undiagnosed diabetes along with increased levels of thyroid hormone in your body. 

These problems collectively can give rise to hyperhidrosis.

What are the Treatments for Hyperhidrosis? 

According to the board of medical directors in Dubai  and WHO, drinking enough water can help to limit the amount of  hyperhidrosis in your body first of all, unless and until you don’t take a medical treatment recommended by a physician you cannot control hyperhidrosis yourself. 

There is now a certified and medically approved treatment for hyperhidrosis which is known as Miradry in Dubai. 

The Use of MiraDry:

MiraDry is a laser treatment that is used over the body and most commonly over the armpits to block the sebaceous glands from working hyperactivity and prevent sweating.  For your knowledge, the goal of the laser treatment is to destroy the glands and follicles that are working at a faster rate than the normal. 

Can Miradry be Used for Hands Sweating? 

Although Mira dry is one of the best and medically approved treatment and fortunately it is not the ideal treatment for excessive sweating of the palms all hands First off the reason behind is, the vital structures nerves blood vessels are very close below the skin in case of the hands and so uh there are chances that Mira dry can subsequently cause damage to the other structures apart from the sebaceous glands. 

An Important Notice:

Since Miradry treatment in Dubai cannot be a useful treatment for the hands, our clinic is continuously working on bringing out and introducing some other treatments that can control the hypersweating or hyperhidrosis of the hands.

Randomized control trial studies, research and testing is continuously being done in order to evaluate and conclude as to how Mira dry treatment be used over the hands within the safer limits and effective results. 

If you need an alternative treatment for that, the l botox can be used to control the level of sweating, especially from the palms. 

Who is Exempted from MiraDry? 

There is no exception for Mira dry as such however candidates who are below 20 years of age or young children should not go for  miradry as it is a sensitive procedure. 

Children with hyperhidrosis is very common but it is nothing to worry about as it does not interfere with any unhygienic problems. It is just their body’s natural mechanism.

How to Prevent Hyperhidrosis?

  •  Drink plenty of water.
  •  Have the habit of using body mists or antiperspirant to eliminate odor.
  •  Refer to a physician in case of sweating associated with the body’ generalized weakness.
  •  Get your routine lab tests done which include blood sugar test, TSH, Urine DR etc.

Cost of Miradry in Dubai?

The Cost of Miradry ranges between 1,000 AED to 2,000 AED. However if you want to know the actual cost then you have to visit the clinic and book an appointment. 

Why Choose Us? 

If you are among our regular candidates then it is very likely that you must be well aware of all the services, the staff members and the treatment modalities for sure. 

Just a little glenms for those who are new. Client satisfaction is our first priority and to deal with them all equally is the second. We will believe that all the treatments should be done under strict privacy settings and within the comfort zone of the candidate. 

The Bottom Line!

And your personal hygiene is to be on the top list. You need to monitor your body especially if it is over sweating since it is a red flag that maybe you are struggling from an internal underlying medical condition. 

Grab your appointment for Mira dry right now and have a refreshed body for life.