Laser Treatment For Scars on Legs

True Facts:

  • People normally wish to reduce their scars for cosmetic reasons
  • Just so you know, there are a lot of options that can help treat scars
  • Laser treatment involves the use of laser light to break up the scar tissues

Scars are remains of wounds. They develop due to the natural wound healing process. While most scars will go away on their own, some can take longer to subside. This is particularly true of deep wounds.

Anyway, if you have scars on your legs, it must be very frustrating for you, we understand. Well, you can avoid scars tissues from forming by treating the wounds well. Here are 4 tips you need to do while treating the wounds:

  1. You should keep the wound area clean and dry
  2. Use bandages
  3. Apply sunblock on the wound once it has treated
  4. Seek a dermatologist right away if the wound gets severe

What Can You Expect During Treatment?

It is a pretty straightforward, and quick procedure. In general, it only takes 15 to 20 minutes to complete a laser treatment in Dubai.

During treatment, most doctors utilize the intense pulsed light, fractional CO2 laser, or Q-switched Nd Yad laser, although, there are many other types of laser too. Based on the type of scars you have and the results you want to get, the dermatologist makes the decision and confirms the treatment plan.

Note: You should look for a physician who is trained enough to perform laser therapies without complications.


Just so you know, make sure that you reveal the following to your physician:

  1. Desired goals
  2. Medical conditions
  3. Medications
  4. Unhealthy lifestyle choices (smoking, drinking, etc.)

How Soon Can You Get Laser Treatment on Your Legs?

You may need 6 sessions in all, and you’ll get each session spaced out at least a week apart. However, if your scars are too deep, you may need more treatments. Just so you know, the results begin to appear in two to three days after your first appointment.

What are the Results?

In 80 to 90 percent of cases, successful Laser Treatment For Scars on Legs in Dubai requires five sessions. But as we have said earlier, the number of sessions may vary.

Just a quick reminder, based on the strength and type of laser used, the treatment effectiveness usually varies.


After getting the treatment, here is what you should keep in your mind:

  • It is advised to avoid sun exposure for at least a month following the treatment.
  • You need to stop drinking alcoholic beverages as alcohol can affect the treatment outcomes and increase the risk of swelling and bruising


As per Dynamic clinic, the average cost for Laser Treatment for Scars on Legs is AED 6000 in Dubai.


Fractional CO2 continues to be a gold standard in scar reduction treatments but as technology evolves so do the treatment options. The best alternatives include:

Cryotherapy – uses freezing temperatures to break scars tissues

Surgery – Done by removing extra scars tissues with the help of a scalpel

Peels – superficial scars can be cured with this treatment. It involves the application of powerful solutions to break down the scars

Fillers – Soft tissue fillers are administered to the scars to restore volume

Pressure therapy – sufferers can utilize dressings on the scars to make them less noticeable

The Takeaway:

The results are long-lasting. Generally speaking, the outcomes of Laser Treatment For Scars on Legs in Dubai last for five years or more.

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