Laser Treatment for Scars Cost ,Procedure, Effectiveness, and More

A soft, supple, flawless skin is something that everyone dreams about. If you are living a life in Dubai it is very likely that your skin can be under constant threat of humidity and dryness at the same time. This weather fluctuation often ends up in leading to acne, breakouts, white heads, black heads and huge pimples. As far as acne is concerned it leaves off such stubborn scars either in the form of hyperpigmented spots or skin indentations. Your skin starts to look textured and the smoothness seems to be hindered. However, Laser Scar treatments in Dubai are a new warrior against scars that are of any type. 

How do scars form on the skin?

Scars appear on the skin after a severe infliction of any skin insult. Such as : 

After acne:

Post acne hyperpigmentation is the major cause of scars. It appears after the pimple has dried out. The scar unusually appears as a pigmented spot. In cases of severe acne such as hormonal acne, the scars leave huge, deep indentations on the skin. The skin shows large open pores that are irregular, uneven and textured. 

After any traumatic accident :

If you ever had an accident and it has led to wounds and lacerations on your skin unfortunately, then it is very likely that it may leave scars on the affected area. . However, scar removal treatments can be easily carried out at Dynamic Clinic Dubai

Self infliction to acne :

Acne is not very bad unless and until it leaves never ending scars on the face. These scars become permanent when you inflict them or pop them out with your hands and nails. As a consequence a major deep pigmented scar with indentation occurs on the surface. Laser treatments for acne scars cost in Dubai  ranges from AED 1500 to AED 6000.

Prolonged sun exposure  :

One of the major reasons for scars showing up on the face is direct or elongated exposure to sunlight. The UV rays are so strong that they produce scars in the form of pigmented red patches. Patients often visit the Dynamic Clinic with SLE ( Systemic Lupus Erythematosus) , which is a butterfly rash on the face. They undergo laser treatment for their skin and the end results are amazing.

Procedure of laser treatment for scars:


Initially your concerned dermatologist will analyze your face. He/she will see much laser therapy is required for you to fade off the scars. Deep indented scars require a larger therapy with multiple sessions. The scars that are only pigmented and are not skin deep require minimum to moderate laser therapy with limited sessions.

Selecting the types of laser therapy:

 Ideally the types of laser therapy used are:

  • Using carbon dioxide
  • Using an erbium laser

For deeper and embedded scars the best approach is Carbon Dioxide laser and for smaller and surface scars erbium laser technology is used. This scar removal treatment decreases the melanin production that is responsible for pigmentation.

Administration of local anesthesia:

The laser treatment is not very painful because your doctor will numb the area. Soon after the skin is anesthetized the infrared heat lasers then go down into the skin. The laser treatment for acne scars in Dubai not just fade them off but also promote the production of collagen. Collagen is responsible for generating new skin cells.

Assessment :

After your laser session your skin specialist will see whether the therapy is fine for you or not. The specialists ensure that you have not shown any signs of an allergic response before you leave for home. 

 Follow up :

Follow up is as important as the treatment itself.. Your specialist will assist whether the laser therapy is working fine or not. 

How does laser scar removal treatment work?

Once the laser heat has penetrated the skin it evades the old and damaged skin cells. This in turn triggers and gives rise to new cells. The main goal of the entire procedure is to alleviate melanin’s production that is responsible for discolored spots. When you have taken a session new cells also start to multiply and collagen production increases. This also enhances your skin’s elasticity and gives it a very different glow.

What are the benefits of laser therapy?

If you have decided to book a laser treatment for acne scars then Dynamic Clinic is the right choice. The reason is that laser sessions here offer a variety of benefits like : 

  • Smoothen the skin evenly
  • Diminishes all the dark spots and imperfections
  • Lightens the dark patches
  • Fades off the fine lines and wrinkles
  • Gives a youthful skin with glow 

Who are the right candidates for laser treatment? 

  • People who had scars left with indentations and pores
  • Teenagers with excessive pigmented spots 
  • Females with rosacea 
  • Elderly who have wrinkles and fine lines


  • A clear skin with fine clarity
  • No need of using pricey creams and serums daily 
  • No need of monthly facials at the salon 


  • Slight burning after the numbness restores
  • May require more than one sessions 
  • Is not viable for patients with any pre existing skin diseases or who have sensitive skin 

Final verdict!

On average the Dynamic clinics charge about 1500-6000 AED for a laser treatment that is one of the least acne scar laser treatment cost in Dubai.  If your specialist suggests you take a re session then try to schedule it accordingly.