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Facial skin is the most sensitive organ of the body. It can be affected due to fluctuations in weather, sun damage, age, and poor nutrition. We cannot always remain careful about it which is why we can develop dark spots on our faces. Many individuals want to get rid of them because they are deemed undesirable. They can also make a person appear older than they are. If you are also looking for a way to get them removed, you can opt for Laser Treatment for Dark Spots in Dubai. Read up on the blog to know How Laser Treatment for Dark Spots in Dubai works.

What are Dark Spots; How are they Formed?

It is only too normal to develop pigmented spots on the face that are darker than your skin tone. There are a variety of reasons why dark spots prevail on the face. Mostly, the factor of age contributes to the prevalence of dark spots. However, the sun is also the culprit of giving you sunburns whose effects last longer than you expect. Dark spots not only prevail on the face, but they can also develop over arms or other body parts that are exposed to the sun. If you are a resident of the UAE, you become more prone to skin damage from the sun.

Laser Treatment for Dark Spots in Dubai:

Laser serves a range of purposes. The laser light can penetrate only the areas that are being targeted. Therefore, in the laser treatment for dark spots, laser light is emitted over the dark spots. Dark spots absorb more laser light than the neighboring skin and once the pigmented spots absorb light, such skin peels off after a few days.

Price of Laser Treatment for Dark Spots (Dubai):

The Laser Treatment in Dubai at our clinic ranges from AED 200 to AED 400. This is, however, not a fixed one. The price of dark spot treatment through laser will vary depending upon:

Area of Treatment:

If you have many dark spots on larger areas of the skin, the price will be higher for you. If smaller areas are being treated, the price will naturally be low. You should consult your dermatologist to know the exact price.

Number of Sessions:

Usually, only one session is enough to get dark spots removed. However, sometimes people may need more than one session. For such individuals, the overall price of the procedure will be higher.

The Procedure of Laser Treatment:

In this procedure, high-energy laser light is beamed over the darker skin. Since darker skin absorbs more light, this absorption instigates the killing of cells responsible for blemishes and dark spots. These dead skin cells, being lighter in weight, come to the surface of the skin and are scraped off on their own.

For people with lighter skin tones, this treatment is ideal because it is easier for the laser light to distinguish between a dark spot and a normal skin tone. This procedure takes only 30 minutes and may feel slightly uncomfortable, but the results may make you want to say, ‘worth it!’

After the Treatment:

Once the procedure has been completed, your skin might seem swollen and reddish. However, it will go away after a few days. After a week, dark spots will be removed.

Because dark spots are caused by sun exposure, they can come back again if you do not take good care of your skin. Therefore, make sure that you wear sunscreen to prevent dark spots from appearing again.

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