Laser Hair Removal Offers in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Cost & Prices

At Dynamic clinic, get the best Laser Hair Removal in Dubai. We offer non-invasive, painless hair removal services at affordable rates.

Laser hair removal is a cosmetic procedure that uses an intense pulsating beam of light to target large areas of unwanted hair. It is the most effective and fastest way to make the skin hairless. It yields long-lasting results and involves faster recovery. For your information, laser light reduces the follicle’s ability to re-grow without damaging the surrounding skin that results in safe and comfortable hair reduction. However, it should be noted that multiple spaced-out treatments are required to produce the desired results.

Have you checked our amazing Laser Hair Removal Offers in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Change up your look without costing a lot of money? Here are some of our deals worth considering.

Full Body with Chest and Back in Just 499:

 AED 499 instead of AED 600 for up to two sessions of Full body hair removal with alexandrite laser at Dynamic clinic – save up to 45%.

 1 Session of Full Bikini, Half Arms, and Half Legs in Just 150:

AED 150 instead of AED 300 for 1 session of full bikini, half arms, and half legs at Dynamic Clinic, Dubai – choose to treat unwanted body hair and save 30%

Two Sessions of Beard Shaping in Just AED 150:

Get an amazing beard reshaping from Dynamic clinic. This will allow you to remove your facial hair permanently.

Usually, one beard shaping session costs about AED 100 but at present, we are offering you two sessions for just AED 150. Hurry up, book your appointment today

1 Session of Full Legs and Full Arms in 199:

Get smoother legs and arms in just AED 199.

 Any Small Area in Just AED 50:

Concerned about the cost of your laser hair removal, don’t be! At the dynamic clinic, we offer a simple per area pricing plan. You can get your hair removed from any small area in just a few dirhams., say AED 50.

Best Laser Machine Worth Your Money 2021!

If permanently smooth, hairless skin is your goal, you need to invest in one of the best laser machines to stop your unwanted hair growth. However, there are many options available so it must be hard for you to choose one. It’s better to consult with an experienced dermatologist so he can help you with it.

According to one study, Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal is the most popular device used in the cosmetic industry. It is safe and extremely effective. You can utilize it for the areas where you think hair should be a less and significant improvement is required. The laser will banish unwanted hair growth forever and leave you with perfectly smooth hairless skin without any complications.

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At a dynamic clinic, achieve smooth, hairless skin in the hands of highly trained and experienced dermatologists. It is totally up to you to avail yourself of the services offered. Learn more about the offer of Laser Hair Removal Offers in Dubai & Abu Dhabi in the initial consultation.