Kybella Treatment Cost In Dubai

A non-surgical treatment used to address excess fat beneath the chin. It is done via injections filled with deoxycholic acid. This injection technique is safe, FDA approved and is considered a great alternative to surgical procedures such as liposuction. Besides, it is affordable and offers very natural-looking and exceptionally notable results. We promise you won’t regret it ever.

Kybella Treatment Cost in Dubai:

Anyway, when it comes to price, it can save up t0 60% compared to surgeries. And at Dynamic clinic, we use the latest body contouring technology and offer the treatments at comparatively low prices. Plus, you will get the highest quality care with our trained and experienced professionals.

While the average cost for Kybella is AED 400 to AED 900, some individuals may pay as much as AED 999 and as little as 399. This is because Kybella is highly personalized depending on both the patient and the professional.

However, additional expenses will depend on the following factors:

Location of the Cosmetic Surgery Center:

The session price generally starts from AED 300 but varies depending on the geographical location. This means the city, more precisely the area where you live affects the cost of Kybella treatment in Dubai.

Number of Injections Used:

One research says a patient need 3 vials of Kybella per treatment. However, is not fixed. The doctor decides how many vials are needed to make the desired changes. 

Number of Sessions Needed:

Like the number of shots, the number of sessions also varies from patient to patient depending on the amount of fat to be eliminated. But in most cases, the doctor suggests a course of six treatments. We will tell you the exact number of treatments at your initial visit.

Provider’s Fee:

The time and effort required by the professional also play a key role in defining the cost of Kybella treatment Dubai. Anyway, highly trained providers charge more money to perform cosmetic treatments than inexpert ones.

Financing Offer:

Kybella treatment is purely for cosmetic concerns therefore, health insurance doesn’t cover it generally. Though, you can get benefit from our financing scheme. We offer truly interest free-loans for the vast majority of our treatments. But first, you need to talk with one of our doctors to check whether this game plan covers Kybella’s cost.

Choosing a Clinic Based on the Cost:

People should never choose a health center-based entirely on the cost. Excess fat in the neck is not a medical issue, it is solely a cosmetic one. But it’s important to choose a highly trained and experienced person to handle the treatment. Anyhow, you may find discount hospitals/ clinics offering this procedure. Be alert of this type of facility.

People must choose a clinic based on the qualification of the professionals and the experience of the staff. As a matter of fact, choose a doctor that has performed many successful Kybella treatments in Dubai & Abu Dhabi on previous patients. Tell the doctor to show you the before & after photographs. Besides, make sure that the atmosphere of the clinic is very professional.

Why Choose Us!

With Dynamic clinic, traveling to Dubai for cosmetic treatments is safe, affordable, and simple with costs starting at AED 400. Our professionals are able to offer such low pricing compared to the turkey, and U.S. because of low cost of living in the location where they practice. However, the quality, effectiveness, and safety of treatments are never compromised despite low rates. And our every patient’s treatment journey is well beyond United States standards. So, if you want to beautify yourself, Dynamic clinic is undoubtedly the best clinic to visit.

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