IV Drip Cost for Acne Treatment in Dubai

Our skin represents us. It is the most important and the most fragile organ of our body that we have to go through daily. Dust, dirt, pollutants, stress and everything we feel and suffer impact our skin. There is something more beneficial called IV Drip Therapy in Dubai for the people who don’t prefer lasers, surgical, and non-surgical approaches. 

What is IV Drip for Skin?

It is basically a vitamin therapy that works by injecting the beneficial and nutritional minerals and vitamins into the bloodstream, so they can provide much better results than taken orally. When a person takes minerals and vitamins orally, they go through the stomach and then get absorbed by the body, resulting in no good benefit. IV Drip for skin is an injectable skin rejuvenation treatment using natural compounds that deal really well with acne.

What Ingredients are involved in Acne IV Drip?

Vitamin B Complex:

If you search around, you will get to know that many skincare products are enriched with vitamin B complex. This vitamin works as an antioxidant, promotes the growth of new and healthy skin cells while removing the dead ones, and promotes collagen growth. 

Vitamin B6:  

It prevents premature ageing, helps reduce tension and stress, and makes you sleep better, resulting in the regeneration of healthy skin cells.

 Vitamin B3:

 Vitamin B3 is a powerhouse that does wonders for your skin by treating acne, sun-damaged skin, eczema, rosacea, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, and fine lines.

Vitamin C:

There are so many limitless benefits of Vitamin C for the skin you can’t even count them. You must have heard of vitamin C creams, vitamin C serums, foundations, etc. It repairs the damaged skin cells, even tones the skin, brightens up the complexion, and reduces the visible dark spots, wrinkles and fine lines. It promotes collagen growth and makes your skin healthy and plump. Also, works best for hair growth and prevents skin damage from harmful free radicals.

Vitamin B12:

It does not just benefit the skin, but hairs and nails too. Apart from the strong, healthy hairs and nails, it does have a significant role in cell production. Vitamin B12 treats acne blemishes, excess oil in the pores, skin dryness and flakiness, skin redness and inflammation. 


Glutathione is the body’s most potent detoxifying and antioxidant agent. It is essential to have balanced glutathione levels because its deficiency significantly leads to the ageing process.

It helps maintain your youthfulness, eliminating the toxins from the body and helps minimize the oxidative stress resulting in an overall lighter skin tone and brighter complexion. 

IV Fluids:

These Fluids Improve energy, address fatigue, boost the immune system, and hydrates the skin and the body by bringing back the fluids into the skin. IV Fluids also provide beneficial nutrients and oxygen to your skin, making it healthy and youthful. 


Zinc is mainly used to heal a wound or injury. It acts like an antioxidant, protects your skin from the damage of Ultraviolet rays, treats the acne that gets worse, minimizes the inflammation, and makes your skin youthful and bright. It couldn’t be more accurate to say that zinc enhances the effects of IV Drip.

Pre-Treatment Instructions to Follow:

  • Make sure to intake at least four cups of water to make your blood pressure stable.
  • It is suggested to take a meal before getting the IV Drip, resulting in a balanced blood sugar level.
  • It is advised to avoid tight clothing. Instead, wear comfortable loose clothing.
  • Avoid strenuous activities, workouts and exercise before going for the procedure.

The procedure of IV Drip Therapy in Dubai:

The procedure is so simple and easily gets performed in the clinic or at your place without anesthesia. It’s a painless procedure, you may feel discomfort with the drip, but it’s pretty okay.

You will be seated on a comfortable sofa or chair, so you can relax for a while until the drip gets completed. The healthcare professional will place a catheter into your arm, and the fluids start flowing from the IV drip directly into your bloodstream. 

You are not allowed to move, but you can read the newspaper, watch a movie or use your phone. After the therapy, the patient should keep the bandage on the wound for 20 minutes or more and keep the area dry and clean for four hours.  

Post-Treatment Instructions to Follow:

  • The doctor will allow you to have a light snack.
  • As mentioned for pre-treatment, you can’t do the exercise and workouts after the procedure.
  • Make sure to intake at least four glasses of water after the drip too.
  • Do not take off the bandage on the wound right after the treatment; instead, keep it for no less than 20 minutes.
  • Keep the injured area dry and clean for a few hours after the treatment. 

IV Drip Dubai Price:

IV Drip Dubai Price is 1,000 AED (per session). The price differs from person to person, and the expenses of several elements are added to it. Every patient gets to know the cost of their customized treatment in the consultation process.

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