Invisible Braces in Dubai Cost

Receive high-quality braces at a low cost.

No. Absolutely no one will find out you are wearing braces. Invisible braces are perfect for those who constantly have to appear in public or are perhaps highly concerned about outlooks. So what are prices expected with invisible braces? Are they affordable in Dubai?

Somehow, if you have planned to upgrade your smile silently, and want to get a preliminary idea of average costs in your area check out this guide. It has stated all details related to Invisible Braces cost in Dubai. Read ahead.

Typical Costs:

Authorized dental clinics offer invisible braces in Dubai at the average cost of AED 7000. This rate might exceed up to 15,000 dirhams as per braces quality, brand, and the skills of your dentist. Perfect cost estimates are only possible upon consultation.

Important Factors:

Invisible Lingual braces are custom-built for individual patients, which can upset the actual estimate. Your orthodontist will discuss the expected cost earlier as well as the associated factors responsible for cost fluctuation. Below listed are the most major ones.

  • Type of Invisible braces
  • Length of treatment
  • Further possible alterations (if needed)
  • Insurance coverage

Why Are These Braces Expensive?

Invisible lingual braces are found expensive for a couple of reasons.

  • Molded to teeth on a customized basis
  • Placement may take longer
  • Experts need specialized training

Which Is Better Invisible Braces Or Aligners?

Orthodontic treatments don’t come cheap. Know that, braces have affordable prices than aligners but Invisible braces cost higher because the process of applying them is delicate and time-consuming. However, when it comes to functionality, braces are more effective in handling extremely misaligned teeth. Dental insurance companies hardly cover the cost of dental treatments, prefer checking with your insurance firm whether they provide any funding facility or not.

Invisible Braces cost around AED 6000 in Dubai while aligners cost around AED 8000.

Easy Payment Plans:

Dynamic dental clinic offers various financing options to their patients. Flexible monthly installment plans, occasional discounted offers with surely guaranteed results. Our staff can guide you through all the details to find the best option for your requirements. Setup your payment option now and get your teeth straightened without disclosing you did anything with your teeth.

  • Monthly installment plans
  • Discounted offers

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Invisible Braces Starting From AED 6999:

So, now that you are ready to transform your smile, be prepared to pay around AED 6999 but never consider this estimate clear-cut until you meet the expert dentists. They analyze your smile and check for your suitability with invisible braces in Dubai then inform one precise estimate.

Before we go on final estimations, we must personally assess you.

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