Interesting Facts About Nose Tip Plasty

Nose Tip Plasty is one of the common plastic surgeries in the world. It is useful for creating small changes in the size and shape of the nose. The surgery tackles nose abnormality more safely and cheaply than Rhinoplasty. In this procedure, the surgeon reshapes the nose by eradicating excess cartilage from the tip. It improves facial symmetry and increases confidence levels. In addition to dealing with cosmetic concerns, it can also fix medical issues linked to the nose such as deviated septum (that affects breathing). But people usually get this treatment to fulfill their aesthetic desires. With this minimally invasive procedure, significant improvement in the nose shape can be achieved.

In this blog, we will let you know 6 interesting facts about Nose Tip Plasty in Dubai.

1.      A Simple Procedure

It is a simple surgery so no hospitalization stay is required for it. The results are amazing and it is a cost-effective solution. It fixes facial asymmetry by making the nose thin, sharp, and pointed. The surgery can take up to 30 to 45 minutes to complete and usually, doctors utilize local anesthesia along with sedation to maintain good patient comfort levels throughout the procedure. Afterward, the surgeon trims a small portion of cartilage from the nose to make it look less wide and more pointed. Once modifications are made in the nose structure, dissolvable stitches are used to close incisions and to prevent wounds from infection.

2.      Results Are Worth It

Nose Tip Plasty improves facial harmony and increases patient’s confidence levels. Moreover, the results are awesome, and dramatic hence it is ideal for those who want a visible outcome. The benefits and usage are worth the money that is paid for them, so overall the treatment is cost-effective,

3.      Cost is Always an Issue

The cost of Nose Tip Plasty is different for every patient because different people have different goals. Individuals can get this treatment either to improve their nose tip or to fix a deviated septum. And in both cases, treatment costs would be different. Other factors that affect the cost of treatment include the geographical location of the clinic, practitioner expertise, and the changes you want to get.

4.      Involves Quick Recovery Periods

Patients can leave the hospital on the same day as undergoing Nose Tip Plasty but there will be swelling, bruising, and redness in the nose for some days. However, you can utilize topical creams and ice packs to resolve the inflammation more quickly. Some doctors also give nasal splints to patients to help them fit their noses into new shapes. Besides the inflammation, there will be bleeding in your nose that will last for 24 to 48 hours. You have come to the clinic again to have your splints and bandages removed. Your skin will settle down and return to its original state within a week and once the wounds are healed, you can continue your life activities.

5.      Poor Care And Complications

Not everyone had received wonderful outcomes from our Nose tip plasty. Some patients reported pain, swelling, and bleeding in their nose which lasted for many weeks after their treatment but all that happened due to their carelessness. So, to avoid them you have to take good care of your nose, follow the instructions of your surgeon. His tips will surely help you recover quickly.

Results Are Permanent!

The results of nose tip plasty are permanent, once the changes are made they cannot be reversed. So deciding to get this treatment should be made after a comprehensive evaluation.