Hyperhidrosis Treatment Cost in Dubai

Hyperhidrosis is a common disorder that causes extreme sweating!

Excessive sweating makes you feel uncomfortable in private and in public. To be precise, it interferes with normal activities and leads to unpleasant odors. However, there are many treatments for this problem. One of these methods is Botox. This is a great way to treat Excessive Sweating and avoid the problems associated with it. During the procedure, the doctor injects tiny amounts of Botox into the skin intermittently all over the area of hyperhidrosis. This botox blocks those chemicals that activate the sweat glands, ultimately stopping sweating.

Other treatment options include prescription creams, anti-depressants, gland removal, microwave therapy, and nerve blockers. To find out which treatment is best for you, see an expert.

How much does Hyperhidrosis Treatment Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah? What factors can influence this? Is this covered by insurance? We got you covered.

Average Cost:

The average price of hyperhidrosis treatment in Dubai is AED 1200, the minimum price is AED 900, and the maximum price is AED 1500. For an appropriate quote, contact Dynamic Clinic.

Factors Affecting the Cost:

There are many factors that affect the cost. Some important cost determinants are:

Type of Facility:

In general, the better the service, the higher the cost. So if you are selecting a reputed clinic, the cost of your treatment will be higher.

Skills of the Doctor:

Apart from the facility, Doctors’ skills also play an important role in determining the final cost. Doctors with more skills and expertise charge a little higher.

Type of Treatment:

The technique the doctor uses can also affect Hyperhidrosis Treatment Costs in Dubai. The three most popular treatments are botox, nerve-blocking medications, and gland removal. Depending on the technique used, the cost will vary definitely.

Degree of the Condition:

Based on the degree of problem, the number of sessions may increase. This, in turn, will affect the overall cost of the procedure.

It is better to sign up for an individual consultation with a doctor to clarify the cost.

Is This Treatment Covered By Insurance?

Usually, insurance companies do not cover this procedure, but it is best to check your individual policy. You can get a percentage discount on the treatment you are interested in.

The Takeaway:

Hyperhidrosis Treatment Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah is not fixed. It generally varies depending on the doctor’s skills, degree of the problem, technique used, and type of facility.

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