How to Remove Nicotine Stains from Your Teeth

One of the major concerns cigarette smokers are facing is the discoloration and brownish patches on their teeth. They are nothing but just the nicotine stains that are very rigid and hard to eliminate . If you want to know about the treatment modalities for nicotine stains from the teeth then here are some teeth whitening treatments in Dubai that are offered in our clinic by some refined dentists. Note that each and every treatment is always decided after thorough examination by the dentist. 

What are the Major Causes of Teeth Staining? 

Staining is often caused as a result of the absorption of colours into the teeth surface. This is very common especially in candidates who smoke because such candidates become very vulnerable as the rate of stain absorption doubles. 

Some patients are readily born with discolored teeth like in candidates with tetracycline stainings; this happens when the mother takes antibiotics during her pregnancy and it affects the tooth buds of the fetus. 

Cigarette smokers are very prone to staining because nicotine and tobacco generally invades the enamel of the tooth and imprints their stains into it.

How to Remove Smoking Stains From Teeth? 

One can do nothing about nicotine staining by sitting idle at home. Candidates believe that vigorously brushing their teeth can help them impart nicotine staining but little do they know that these stains are deeply embedded into the surface of the enamel and only sound professional treatment can help remove it. 

Here are some treatment options to fight with nicotine staining: 

Scaling and Polishing:

Regular scaling and polishing remove the extrinsic nicotine stains from the teeth surface to a very moderate level. Though it does not clear them completely and there are chances of relapse the stain can still lighten and the plaque that is often mixed with the stains can be easily removed. Polishing following skelling adds a different gloss and shine to the surface of the teeth.


  • Gently moving the ultrasonic tips over the teeth for clearing stains and plaque 
  • Washing and drying the teeth surface
  • Application of polishing paste 
  • Rubbing the polishing paste all over the surfaces
  • Repeated Washing and drying 

Teeth whitening Strips and Home kits:

A lot of teeth whitening strips that are sold over the counter are genuinely very helpful in eliminating the nicotine stains from the teeth. They consist of an active ingredient known as hydrogen peroxide that is the major agent for whitening up the teeth. Although they are very effective they can still not beat the results of professional teeth whitening treatment in Dubai. 


  • Making a paste of hydrogen peroxide
  • Application of the paste on the teeth surface
  • Leaving and waiting for paste to settle for a few minutes 
  • Washing and rinsing the mouth. 
  • Wearing the strip guards in case of teeth whitening strips

Office bleaching:

In house dental bleaching is different from the regular bleaching methods. The use of hydrogen peroxide in dental offices is about 10% which is the maximum and legal dose allowed for the treatments. Only a sound dentist knows how to provide teeth whitening treatment through bleaching because it requires a great deal of skills and knowledge for the handling and application of hydrogen peroxide. 


  • Initial scaling and polishing for the removal of plaque and debris 
  • Application of 10% hydrogen peroxide on The teeth surface
  •  waiting for the paste to work 
  • washing the paste 
  • Drying the whitened teeth surfaces 

Zoom Laser teeth whitening:

Zoom laser teeth whitening is considered as the best treatment for teeth whitening. The laser Technology used is well profound and has the ability to whiten the teeth not from the exterior surface but also from deep down the layers of the teeth. 


  • Plaque removal by ultrasonic scaling 
  • Application of 10% hydrogen peroxide on to the teeth surface
  • Use of a zoom laser device shown over the surface of the teeth with the hydrogen peroxide paste (5- 7minutes)
  • Washing off the hydrogen peroxide

Which is the Most Effective Treatment for Nicotine Staining?

There is no doubt that all the teeth whitening treatments that are offered in our clinic are effective. However zoom laser whitening treatment is considered as the most virtuous and reliable for imparting nicotine stains. Our Dynamic Clinic is considered as the best Dental Clinic in Dubai because we provide commendable and most outstanding dental treatments especially those that come under aesthetic dentistry.  


The first and foremost thing a person is noticed with the aspects of aesthetics are his or her teeth. You can visit us to learn about some teeth whitening best prices and offers in Dubai.