How to Cure Different Types of Hemangiomas

What are Hemangiomas?

Hemangioma is a benign tumor that forms when a group of vessels grows in the skin. Generally, they are present at birth but sometimes develop during the first few months of life. In this condition, a bright red or purplish mark appears in the lower back, face, or any other area of the body. They appear as a big rubbery bump on the surface of the skin, therefore, it affects the overall appearance and also interferes with different functions of the body such as vision, breathing, etc. Some of them go on their own after a few years but this happens rarely.

Types of Hemangiomas

Sometimes, they develop in the underneath layer of skin which causes a lot of pain and irritation. A child may have more than one bump appearing anywhere on the body. Whenever you see it, it is best to have a treatment as soon as possible. Depending upon how they look, Hemangiomas can be classified into three main types,

1. Superficial Hemangiomas

These Hemangiomas form on the top layer of the skin. At first, they appear as red flat birthmark but over time they grow and become raised

2. Deep Hemangiomas

They grow inside the skin and appear as a purplish swelling but with a firm surface

3. Mixed Hemangiomas

They have characteristics of both superficial and deep Hemangiomas


There are several techniques by which you can eliminate Hemangiomas from your body. Best Hemangiomas treatments in Dubai are,

  • Topical creams
  • Laser treatment
  • Surgery

Topical creams

Doctors recommend topical creams and gels to free the skin from hemangioma. It is a non-invasive method of treating hemangiomas. Use prescribed gels on time to get optimal results. This option is best for smaller and superficial hemangiomas. Beta-blocker medications are very popular in treating them.

Laser treatment

An outpatient procedure that needs 25-35 minutes for its completion. It is minimally invasive therefore can cause mild discomfort during the process. Local anesthesia will be applied to reduce the risk of discomfort. Laser beams of a single wavelength are introduced on the problem site to target the cells of lesions. The heat energy generated by the laser breaks down the hemangioma and removes it. The patient should have to take multiple sessions to see the best results of the treatment. It has no downtime, therefore, a preferred choice of most of the doctors. Have the treatment from a trained practitioner to get the desired outcome without facing complications. Swelling and bruising will appear on the skin, you can use cold compressors to fade them. Do not miss any follow-up appointments because they are extremely important.


If you want to get instant results, you should go for this option. The doctor removes hemangiomas through excision. You will be administered with general anesthesia to keep you away from pain and distress. During the operation, an incision is created in the skin, and the lesion is cut out. The skin will be stitched in the end. You will have to stay home for 2, 3 weeks after having the surgery so make your decision carefully.


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