How to Avoid Dark Circles

An individual with dark circles looks much older than the actual age. The reason is that in this condition the skin under the eyes becomes thin and dark. Although this disease is not gender-specific both men and women face it but you should note that women who have darker skin tones are more prone to it.


The problem of dark circles is very common today because it has many contributing factors. The natural aging process is an important cause. As we age, our skin begins to lose fat and collagen in the area under the eyes and eventually results in the formation of shadows around them. We start looking older, unhealthy, tired, and less attractive. Other causes of dark circles include sun exposure, dehydration, lack of sleep, oversleep, genetics, and allergy. It is best to avoid these actions if you want to avoid them.


As we all know that it is always better to stop a problem from occurring than to deal with it after it has started. The same is the case with the problem of dark circles.


  • Practice comfortable sleeping hygiene as we know lack of sleep and oversleeping are the two main causes.
  • Reduce sun exposure, make sure you are applying a sun sunscreen with strong SPF while going out in the peak sun hours.
  • Prior to the bedtime, gently massage your eyes with almond oil and vitamin E.
  • Moisturizers are the key to brighter and clear eyes, so you can use them.
  • Place chilled slices of cucumber on your eyes as we know it is the easiest and simplest way of preventing or treating dark circles.

Medical treatments:

You can go for different remedies to treat your dark circles, but remember that they are not as effective as the medical procedures. The results of home remedies are slow, steady and take several months to appear so if you want to see an instant improvement in the appearance of your eyes you should try dermatological procedures.

Best Dark circles treatments in Dubai are:

Laser therapy:

Laser energy can be used to lighten dark circles. In the treatment, a special laser device is used to target the shadowing around the eyes. When the device is turned on, laser heat is generated which destroys the damaged cells. This option is completely safe and no side-effects come with it but please note that you have to take multiple sessions of laser therapy to enjoy the fuller results.

Chemical peels:

You can go for light chemical peel treatment to lighten dark circles under your eyes. But as this option is minimally invasive so you can expect some degree of pain during it.


Shots filled with hyaluronic acid are also very effective in treating dark circles. Fillers work by combating that volume loss under the eyes that is causing your dark circles. The total number of shots is chosen depending upon the severity of the problem and the desired results.

Topical medications:

You can use skin whitening creams to reduce the appearance of dark circles. It is the least invasive way of getting rid of them. Most skin whitening creams contain kojic acid and glycolic acid and we know that they both are very effective in whitening darker skin tones.


There is also a surgical option available for you if you are looking for an instant solution for your dark circles. This option is well suited for people who have eye bags along with dark circles treatment in Dubai.

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