Routine dental check ups and cleaning cost in dubai

Won’t you rather visit your dentist regularly than undergo toothaches or surgeries? The answer to this is “of course, you will!” but the reality is different. People do not visit their dentists as often as they should. The common misconception revolving around oral hygiene is that brushing your teeth once a day is enough. We do not visit our dentists for years because we think our teeth do not need to be checked by an expert. Many people are not aware of the importance of visiting their dentist. A regular visit to your dentist will prevent all severe tooth conditions. While many people are unaware, others are unsure how much routine dental checkups and cleaning may cost them. This blog will explicate why dental checkups are mandatory for you and at what price you can undergo them.

Keep reading the article to know how much a routine dental checkup costs in Dubai.

Why Are Routine Checkups Essential?

We are not experts who can foresee teeth-related problems beforehand. Therefore, your dentist must monitor your teeth once in a while. If you visit your dentist, it will save you the trouble of going through surgical procedures in the future. Toothaches or gum pains can be very stressful. Nobody will consciously choose to go through them, yet most people are neglectful towards this essential process. In addition to aches, a worsened tooth condition can also cost you a juicy amount of money. Visiting your dentist at least twice a year is highly recommended to prevent all these problems.

Pre-check-up Preparation

There is nothing much to do before a routine dental checkup and cleaning. It would be best if you internalized that it is, in every way, only essential for your oral hygiene to visit your doctor. Therefore, do not feel anxious before going to the dentist because your dentist will safely monitor your oral health and make sure you step out clean and healthy. Before a dental checkup, you should:

  • Be at peace
  • Make sure you are aware of your medical history.
  • Let your dentist know if you have had any tooth-related problems in the past.
  • Be honest and share all your concerns.
  • Brush your teeth

What Does Routine Cleaning Mean?

Routine dental cleaning may mean a lot of processes depending upon the condition of your teeth. However, majorly, it means removing plaque or tartar from your teeth by thoroughly cleaning your teeth. You may hear scary noises while cleaning; you should not be afraid of them. You will know afterward what causes them.

  1. Your dentist will examine your teeth to see if any severe issue is arising. In that case, you will be treated for that.
  2. After a physical examination, your dentist will remove tartar from your teeth if untidiness is the problem. At this process, you are likely to hear scraping noises. However, it will not cause any pain.  
  3. The third step includes further cleaning using a high-powered brush with the help of toothpaste.
  4. Your dentist may also thoroughly floss your teeth to clean up any debris accumulation.
  5. The last step includes rinsing your mouth to eliminate any substances used in the dental procedure.

The cleaning you do at home comes nowhere close to the one that your dentist will carry out. Therefore, a dental checkup and cleaning should not be undermined as it is thorough and uses various techniques.

Cost of Routine Dental Checkup and Cleaning in Dubai

At Dynamic Clinic, the cleaning price starts from AED 250, if it includes cleaning and polishing. The consultation at our clinic is free. However, the price depends upon the seriousness of your problems, the number of sessions, and further recommended dental treatment. Therefore, the overall cost of a dental checkup and cleaning will differ for different individuals. The number of sessions may, for example, depend upon the amount of plaque that has been accumulated on your teeth. So, before you go through a dental checkup or cleaning, you should ask about the price from your doctor beforehand. Only they can inform you about the exact price of routine dental checkups and cleaning in Dubai. The cost also varies according to the orthodontist and the clinic’s location.

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