How long do breast implants last

If you are interested in getting or removing breast implants, you might have heard the statement that breast implants are for a lifetime and don’t need to be removed. Or you need to remove or replace them from time to time. No, these statements have nothing to do with the truth. 

Breast implants don’t provide permanent results but last for 10 to 20 years. They need to be removed or replaced after a decade, not after a few months. They are designed for an extended period and without complications. It depends on the patients how well they have taken care of them. 

What is Breast Implant removal?

Breast implant removal in Dubai is a surgical process that involves taking out the implants from the breast due to complications, placed before for breast enlargement and correcting the breast imperfections. It depends that you may need to get an operation for breast implant removal because you don’t want them anymore. Or you may require surgery if you have implant complications and want new implants to get replaced with the old ones.

Breast implant procedure in Dubai:

Using Anesthesia

The breast implant treatment requires general anesthesia or sedative medications to ensure the patient remains relaxed and calm throughout the surgery. Your cosmetic surgeon will decide the type of anesthesia during the therapy after determining the severity of the patient’s condition and operation.

Breast Implant Insertion and Placement :

The breast implant surgery begins with a cut or incision under the breast or around the nipple area to place the saline (saltwater) implant or silicone material implant. The placement and accurate positioning of the implant depends on its type, the surgeon’s suggestions, and the patient’s demands for breast enlargement. 

Closing the cuts:

After placing and accurately positioning breast implants, the cosmetic surgeon closes the wounded area using stitches, clips or skin adhesives. The patient will notice the immediate results after the implant placement and will continue to enjoy the results for more than a decade. 

How long do breast implants last?

In today’s world, breast implants get grafted and made up in a way with a longer lifespan. Generally, they last in good shape from ten to twenty years in most cases. But with each passing year, the chance of bursting, leaking or cracking up the implants increased by one percent. Their lifespan and long term effects rely on how well you have maintained your body and taken care of the implants.

When do I need to remove my breast implants?

Sometimes it is necessary for the patients ]to remove the breast implants due to medical reasons. The most common reason behind implant removal is when scar tissue around the implant gets hard. The hardened scar tissue causes discomfort, pain and makes a difference in the breast appearance.

Following are some more reasons behind breast implant removal:

  • Rare cancer called BIA-ALCL in the scar tissue of textured breast implants.
  • Implant Leakage
  • Increased calcium around the breast
  • Implant movement or shifting

What to expect in a Consultation on Breast Implant removal? 

Before the breast implant removal surgery, you’ll have a detailed conversation with our best breast surgeon in Dubai. In the consultation, the Cosmetic surgeon will examine the current condition of your breast, and your future goals about the breasts get evaluated. Then, in the end, the Cosmetic surgeon will suggest a suitable treatment for you. 

The Steps Involved in the Breast Implant Removal Procedure :


General anesthesia or intravenous sedation is used for the patient in implant removal surgery. They will be relaxed and asleep, not knowing what’s happening in the procedure.

Skin Preparation & Incision:

A medical professional will cleanse your breast to prepare it for surgery for infection prevention. 

After that, the cosmetic surgeon will create an incision to access and take out the breast implant. The incision is usually made where the implants were placed before or in the dark-coloured area around the nipple. 

Closing Incisions:

After the breast implant gets removed, the cosmetic surgeon closes the cut or incisions with stitches or adhesives. Bandages and drains are used to protect the incisions and drain the excess blood or fluid from the wound. 

Breast implant price and cost in Dubai:

The cost of saline and silicone breast implants roughly starts from 20000 AED. The fee may get high after determining the patient’s problem and the number of sessions needed. Also, the price covers the expenditures of many factors involved in the procedure. That’s why it is not the same for every patient and treatment. 

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