How Does Sexual Dysfunction Affect Women

It could not be wrong to say that sex is the only pleasure many of us have in our lives. It is a source of happiness when both men and women play a vital part in satisfying each other sexual desires, but if not, then there might be a chance we feel that this pleasure is no more pleasure for us. Low sex desire might be sexual Dysfunction in both men and women.

More than half of the women majority suffer from sexual Dysfunction, which is the main reason behind the decreased sex drive. If you have lost interest in sex, Consult the Best Sexologist in Dubai!

Check out Sexual Dysfunction and its symptoms below. You might relate:

What is Sexual Dysfunction?

Sexual Dysfunction is a common problem, and both women and men can be a victim of it. 

It refers to all the issues that prevent an individual or a couple from getting the satisfaction they need while making love with their partners.In females, they feel hard to get a sex desire, feel difficulty in arousal, penetration feels bored and painful, and difficulty reaching orgasm and then resolution. 

How Does Sexual Dysfunction Affect Women?

Both physical and psychological/emotional causes dysfunction in women. Physical causes may include:

Blood Circulation Disorders in Female:

Vascular disorders affect sexual desires. Suppose there is not enough blood supply to the female reproductive organs. In that case, the sex drive automatically decreases as the labia, vagina and the clitoris (pleasure point) need increased blood flow and circulation to get the person sexually aroused. 

Hormonal Changes:

There are several reasons for hormonal imbalance in women. This is primarily due to the low estrogen levels, menopause, pregnancy, childbirth, and vaginal atrophy and dryness. All these are interlinked with each other. Low estrogen levels make sex feel down in the reproductive organs, making it hard for the women getting wet. The vagina becomes dry when a woman enters menopause, ageing, and after childbirth, as the estrogen level decreases, making the sex painful and a reason of discomfort rather than pleasure. 

Medications and Treatments: 

If women are on certain medications, they might find it challenging to get aroused. Some medicines or drugs affect the sexual ability of the women to get an orgasm like antidepressants one. Chemotherapy or other cancer treatments can also disturb the sexual arousal ability and hormone levels. 

Certain Health Conditions:

Suppose you are not a healthy person and suffer from heart diseases, diabetes, drug addiction, alcohol abuse, and arthritis. In that case, you might be among the number of people who have lost the pleasant sex ability and might not be experiencing a healthy sex life. 

Gynecological Disorders:

You might not like being intimate with your partner anymore if you have been suffering from diseases of the reproductive organs. Those issues affecting the sex ability of women include ovarian cysts, pelvic pain (painful periods, painful sexual intercourse), tumours in the uterus, and much more. 

Psychology also plays an essential part in having no sexual desire due to the several reasons:

Stress and Depression:

When your mind and soul are not in peace, how can you internally be healthy? Where the depression makes you empty from the inside, it also does contribute to negatively impacting the sexual function. If you are stressing over something, whether it can be work or something else, it diverts your attention even when you are in the most precious moments.

Sexual Abuse or a Bored Sexual Relationship:

Being a woman, if you have experienced sexual abuse in the past or your partner does not make an effort to give you maximum sex pleasure, you might start finding it bored.

Treatments for Sexual Dysfunction in Dubai:

In today’s modern era, women are confident enough to talk about what bothers them. Everyone faces health problems, and that’s what we call a Life. The issue is not having problems but suffering in silence with a fear of being embarrassed. 

A highly-qualified and experienced Sexologist in Dubai is here to help you out, making your sex life a symbol of enjoyment in your life. 


Consultation with the professional is really essential when you two cannot figure out the reason for low sex drive and less enjoyable sex. The sexologist will discuss the problems you two have been facing during your intimacy and suggest some arousal techniques like spending more time in the foreplay, trying out the different sex positions, making a sex schedule, trying out sex toys and devices, and reading sex books and videos. 


If these techniques do not work for you, the next step to opt for is a proper treatment which includes hormonal replacement therapy. Women’s decreased hormone levels can be increased by taking oral medications and directly inserting them into the vagina. This makes women sexually aroused, eliminates vaginal dryness, and the patient will have joyful sex life ahead. 

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