High-Tech Stomach Balloons Are Now Available to Help Lose Weight

Many people are facing weight gain issues due to numerous reasons. Some of them are getting obese due to hormonal problems, eating too much fast food, a sedentary lifestyle, and many more. In the past, overweight women used to go for various diet plans and other techniques to help them lose weight. Unfortunately, they do not get good results and fail to lose considerable weight. As time passes there are many advancements in different fields of science and technology. Likewise, some Weight Loss surgeries are gaining popularity due to their amazing results. People are surprised and amazed by the long-term results and the way they lose all the excessive weight. There are some weight loss techniques that are helpful in reducing weight. You should know about High-Tech Stomach Balloons Are Now Available to Help Lose Weight. 

What Is It?

It is a surgical procedure and the doctors perform it with the help of an endoscopy. He places a small-sized deflated balloon in your abdomen. Afterward, he inflates this balloon using gas or solution. The balloon in your stomach occupies its major volume and you will feel full after having a small amount of meal. It is a weight loss procedure and the doctor takes out a balloon after some time when you have considerably loose weight.

How Does It Work?

Your healthcare provider will take a deep examination of the patient to know if you are eligible for it or not. He will know your past medical and surgical history to get the outcome of the results. The physician starts this surgical procedure after taking blood tests and all the other related tests. It is a weight loss procedure that involves the insertion of a deflated balloon in the stomach. Moreover, this is an endoscopic procedure that is done under general anesthesia. 

He places the deflated balloon in the stomach and then fills it with the gas or solution. The balloon inflates and occupies volume in the stomach. This presence of a large inflated balloon creates a feeling of fullness that causes less intake of food. It is a surgical procedure that requires the supervision of surgeons. Moreover, the stitches are given after the incision of the stomach. These stitches may dissolve by themselves. 


You need to follow all the precautionary measures that will help you in recovering from the pain. Your healthcare provider will suggest you certain aftercare measures that are essential to follow to get long-term results. The following are some general aftercare measures:

  • You should take bed rest to recover soon. 
  • Do not do strenuous exercises and avoid lifting heavy weights.
  • Make sure that you drink plenty of water to remove all the waste from the body.
  • Eat a healthy diet that is rich in minerals and nutrients.
  • Take proper sleep as it can help in reducing extra weight.
  • Take all medications as your doctor suggests
  • Do not eat fast food that contains more fat content or contains more oil.

Does It Help to Lose Weight?

Yes, high-tech stomach balloons help in reducing extra weight gain. The physician places them in the stomach which creates the feeling of fullness. This helps us to consume less food due to the presence of this balloon in the stomach. You can now have a sense of fullness after consuming a small amount of a meal. It helps to reduce food consumption and absorption which ultimately causes a reduction of weight.

Results and Recovery:

The presence of a balloon in the stomach creates the feeling of fullness. Results are obvious byt the duration of results varies dispensing upon a person’s metabolism, initial weight dietary, and lifestyle changes. To get significant and long-term results you need to make changes in your lifestyle and diet along with placing the stomach balloon. You will feel nauseous, pain, and bloating after the surgical procedure. These all symptoms are temporary that will subside after taking prescribed medications. You will also face stomach and digestion problems but it will not last long. Your healthcare provider will suggest you special guidelines to follow during the period when the balloon is placed. 

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