Eyelid Surgery – Eyes That Maintain That Young Look

We are offering a wonderful, top-notch and safe treatment to the sufferers of baggy, puffy, and drooping eyes. It is a surgical procedure, therefore, delivers long-lasting results. To know more details about the eyelid surgery and other non-surgical options continue reading the blog or you can meet out surgeon by filling out the online consultation form.

What are Droopy Eyelids and Their Causes?

When we age, skin starts losing its elasticity, due to which it becomes saggy and wrinkly. The skin above and below the eyes is also affected by this phenomenon. The border of the upper eyelid droops downward than normal and covers a part of the pupil which then interferes with the vision.

Common causes of drooping eyelids include genetics, muscle illness, stroke, inflammation, nerve abnormalities, aging, and more. Among all these causes, aging is at the top of the list.

Things you Should know About Eyelid Surgery:

If aging or drooping eyelids are making you look older and tired and you want to get rid of them then Eyelid surgery is a worth-considering option here. The surgery aims to remove excess sagging skin around the eyes to make the face look young again. The eyes will look firm and all the puffiness and swelling will be gone.


There are non-surgical options available too but they don’t deliver as effective results as surgery does. It is not a health issue, people undergo the surgery to fulfill their aesthetic goals and to fix the vision problem. It delivers permanent results without involving a long recovery period. Look for an experienced and trained surgeon to get the desired results without facing complications.


What you Should do Before the Surgery?

  • Prior to the surgery, have a conversation with the doctor in order to discuss all the aspects of the procedure including the benefits, cost, risks, complications, candidacy, and procedure.
  • Tell him what you want from the surgery and also let him know about your medical history (if you have any).
  • Gather information about the surgeon’s background and level of skills as they play a major role in delivering optimal results.

Real Benefits:

Eyelid surgery is famous all around the world and a big improvement was noticed in the total number of cases over the past few years. Males and females belonging to any age group are capable of getting the surgery. You just need to fulfill the requirements for candidacy to enjoy its tremendous benefits. It firms and tightens the loose skin by removing fat bulges located above and below the eyes. This improves vision and turns back the age clock. You will look and feel 10-15 years younger by getting it.


What Happens During the Procedure?

During the surgery, excess fatty tissues and sagging skin is removed from above and below the eyes to improve the appearance of the eyes. Keep this mind that it deals with puffiness only, it will not eliminate crow’s feet, dark circles or any other deformity. The results are dramatic, you will notice a huge enhancement in the vision right after the surgery and the eyes will look fresher and younger than before.

Some Facts About the Results:

The results of eyelid surgery vary from person to person depending upon a variety of factors. We cannot guarantee that you will achieve similar results since every body has a unique way of reacting. Our surgeons will try their best to deliver the best results to you. You will get an improved self-image and an attractive facial profile as a result of the surgery.

Cost of Eyelid Surgery in Dubai:

Knowing the cost is your right but we cannot clear this query without examining you. The exact price of the treatment depends upon some specific. It fluctuates from person to person depending upon the geographical location of the clinic, the severity of the sagginess, expertise of the surgeon, technique used and the type of results the patient wants to get from the surgery. Eyelid surgery is expensive but don’t worry you can avail our financing option to pay this big amount in easy monthly installments.

Non-surgical Treatment for Drooping Eyelids:

If you are short of money for this expensive surgery then you can consider our non-surgical options. You can go for Botox injections or laser treatment to lift and tighten your drooping skin without undergoing a knife. In addition to raising the lids up, the non-surgical methods can improve the appearance of crow’s feet and dark circles as well. The downside is that the results are not permanent so, if you want long-lasting results, you should for the surgical option.

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