Everything you need to know about Lipomatic surgery in Dubai


Getting any Cosmetic Surgery is a very personal decision. Welcome to Dynamic clinic blog posts, a series that aim to break down different cosmetic procedures and provide all the information you’ll need to make decision that is right for you. No judgment, only the facts. In this post, we are covering Everything you Need to Know about Lipomatic Surgery in Dubai. Keep reading

Considering a permanent way to redefine your contours? You are not alone, Lipomatic surgery is one of the most popular procedures received by patients who want to improve their appearance. Allows fat reduction and cellulitis removal. But keep in mind that this procedure removes fat physically, so local or general anesthesia may be needed.

Ideal Candidates:

The first step for prescriptive clients begins in the office of a board-certified surgeon for a comprehensive consultation. Dr. Abdul Majeed, a board-certified cosmetic surgeon explains that the patients facing one of these problems might seek this procedure:

  • Excessive fat
  • Stubborn cellulite
  • Unattractive contours

The Preparation:

Like any surgical procedure, preparation is the key to the successful results of Lipomatic surgery. Preparation also helps to reduce the likelihood of post-op complications like bleeding, swelling, and bruising. Stop taking aspirin-containing medications and smoking for a few days. Also, it’s important to limit alcohol consumption.


Liposuction and Lipomatic Surgery and may seem similar, but they use very different technologies. And because of this, the results are also very different. FYI: Lipomatic surgery results in less tissue damage, less scarring, and more natural results.


This surgery is generally done on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia. However, if done in conjunction with other procedures, general anesthesia can be used concurrently.

The procedure is more or less similar to traditional liposuction. The difference lies in the technology used. In Lipomatic surgery, the surgeon uses infrasonic sound waves or nutation technology to destroy fat cells. When the cannula tubes are rotated, the fat cells are destroyed. The best part? These vibrations do not damage blood vessels, fat cells, skin, or other internal organs.

But Wait, What About Side Effects?

As with other cosmetic procedures, pain, swelling and discomfort can occur after Lipomatic surgery. But when you compare these side effects to liposuction, they are almost unseen. These side effects usually go away in as little as three to four days.


Like the results, the cost of Lipomatic surgery can vary greatly depending on the amount of fat to remove, the surgeon, and the region. Abdul Majeed explains, other variables include the reputation of the clinic, type of anesthesia, and prescriptions.

In general, Lipomatic Surgery in Dubai can range from AED 7999 to AED 12000. You can discuss this aspect in detail at the initial consultation.

Which Is Better: Liposuction Or Lipomatic Surgery:

Both procedures are amazing in their own ways. However, blood loss, scarring, side effects, risk of infection are minimal with Lipomatic surgery. Additionally, less downtime is required. And unlike liposuction surgery, there is no need for hospitalization.

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