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Today’s society wears narrower clothing. Slim trousers are not prolonged simply for exercising or the gym; many working moms now wear them for style. One of the numerous reasons why women are visiting a plastic surgeon is because they do not like the way they look. Further, it is a known truth that giving birth causes a woman’s genitalia to transform in an unfavorable way. The vaginal canal may naturally become a little more loosened with age.

A vagina undergoes many modifications as a result of childbirth and the aging process, to put it simply. Both of these processes result in the tissues around the vagina extending and seriously damaging the collagen, which causes vaginal laxity. It’s a common not misconception that as the vaginal loses its flexibility, it continuously turns open, but this is not the case. Without a doubt, a looser vagina can make sex less enjoyable but don’t worry, we’re here. There are many treatment options available for loose genitalia. Do Not Be Afraid of the Taboo -Labiaplasty offers powerful results. It reduces the volume of the labia minora, successfully treating both physical and aesthetic issues.

 The Aims of the Treatment:

Labiaplasty in Dubai helps you to shrink the loose vagina that has grown slack or lost tightness because of a child delivery or elderly person. The therapy is carried out to restore the ruined genital organs, which improves feminists’ personal interactions with their spouses because the female vaginal performs a very essential role in the lives of the committed couple. The purpose of the treatment is to make the labia minora (female genital inner tissues) smaller so that it is level with the anterior surface (outer part of the female genitalia).

The Various Techniques:

A labiaplasty can be carried out in several ways. Anesthesia is used to start the process. anesthetics are utilized, and depending on your medical history, your surgeon will choose which is best for you.

Trim Technique:

It is the original method and the one that comes naturally. Additionally, it is the method that surgeons employ most frequently. In this operation, the extra labia minora tissue is cut out and sutured to provide symmetry. The darker area of the labia is also removed during the surgery.

Wedge Technique:

This procedure is new and effective. The labia’s thickest region has a half-thickness wedge excised from it.  By merely eliminating a portion of its thickness, the submucosa (a layer of tissue underlying a mucous membrane) must remain intact. By retaining the wrinkly margins, this method offers the vagina a natural appearance following the surgery as well.

Preprocessing Instruction:

Before selecting the treatment option, you need to take care of the following things:

  • Avoid using any type of blood thinner.
  • Skip the smoking and alcohol.
  • Take a proper diet and sleep.
  • You must not be in the menstrual cycle. Plan your treatment after your periods.


Since there are certain inconveniences associated with all laser operations, a local anesthetic will be employed. The procedures that are carried out during laser vaginal tightening in Dubai are as follows:

  • Your targeted area will be clean before the treatment.
  • Then anesthesia will be applied to your vaginal site.
  •  Your vagina will be treated with laser energy through the use of tiny, handheld laser tools.
  • The creation of collagen will be prompted by laser rays.
  • The vaginal canal becomes tighter as an upshot of collagen synthesis.
  • The duration of the process depends on the condition of the patients.
  • Applicants can resume their normal activities immediately following the process.

Post Process Instruction:

For desired outcomes, you need to obey the post instructions carefully to avoid any adverse impacts, which are given below:

  • For one week, don’t do any workouts or exercises.
  • Avoid intercourse with your partner.
  • Wear loose clothes.
  • Keep the area dry and neat.
  • In the event of itching and inflammation during the urinary process, consult with an expert immediately.

Advantages and Outcomes:

The following is a recap of some of the benefits and healing of laser vaginal tightening.

  • It is a minimally invasive technique that leaves no scars or lesions behind.
  • It overcomes anxiety and enhances sex performance.
  • The healing is very quick, with highly effective outcomes.
  • The process provides aid in restoring women’s lost convictions.
  • It brings joy to a couple’s life by compressing the loose vagina.
  • lower difficulties and little to no downtime


The Cost of Vaginal Rejuvenation in Dubai at Dynamic Clinic starts at AED 25,000 to AED 30,000. But it is not constant, it can be different for all patients, as you have cleared your mind Do Not Fear the Taboo – Labiaplasty Offers Powerful Results If you choose the most reputable clinic, you must be thinking, why expenses are not similar for all, because it depends on the several aspects which play a role in expenses are given below:

  • If the condition of the patient’s vagina is very critical, then it will require excess time for the process.
  • If the hospital is located in a posh area, the expenses will be high relative to normal.
  • The reputation of the sexologist does matter in terms of cost, because if it is high, then viz-a-viz.

Before going for treatment or consultation, just go through these elements. Don’t bother with anything related to cost because the treatment site is so sensitive and private, you must select a reputable choice to get a huge impact.

Why Choose Us?

If you are scared of outcomes, then Do Not Fear the Taboo – Labiaplasty Offers Powerful Results because the selection of the best surgeon is the most important factor in outcomes, so stop worrying. We are the absolute right choice. Just fill out the below-mentioned form and get your first free consultation. Our expert will provide you with all the relevant information and remove your ambiguities related to recovery and side effects. They will also take care of your privacy by providing safe and sound services.