Do Breast Implants Look Smaller at First

With the passage of time the need for having an ideal body with a streamlined figure is becoming more and more trending.  This year the top surgeries that have been done among the women according to statistical reports is Breast Augmentation in Dubai. The data collected from our clinic also confirms that breast implants are in trend. They are not just done for cosmetic reasons but also to boost self esteem and confidence of women who have lost them in the long run. 

Why have Breast Implants Become so Common? 

A lot of people are often concerned about why breast implants become so common? The main reason is the influence from others.  bloggers, influencers, celebrities all mostly have undergone breast implant surgeries that made their body eye-catching and so have motivated other females also to get it done. 

The major reason why breast implants have topped the trending list this year is because people who have problems related to their breasts, especially the women after lactation, complain about sagging breasts. To restore and regain back their body type they have felt Breast Implant Surgery in Dubai as a sense of relief and better option.

Reasons to Get a Breast Implant:

  •  Sagging breasts after lactation and pregnancy.
  •  Any trauma that has led to mutilation and infliction to the shape and structure of the breasts.
  •  execution complete removal of the breast after a breast cancer surgery.
  •  personal choices and the need to meet the glamor demands.
  •  asymmetry of the breasts.

Do Breast Implants Look Smaller at First? 

Before going for a breast implant surgery women normally have a list of questions that include: 

  •  Is breast implant surgery painful.
  •  Will I be able to breastfeed my baby after breast implant? 
  •  Will I need to retake breast implant surgery? 
  •  Do breast implants look smaller at first? 

Among all the questions, the most frequently asked question is do breast implants look smaller at first

According to the Breast surgery specialist it is stated that initially after the breast implants your breasts may look smaller in size this is because the implants are not used to the muscles and the associated structures around them. As time will proceed the implants will adjust and the muscular tissue that surrounds the implant will generally start to fuse as a result improving the size as well as the exact proportion. 

The next time you see anyone having a breast implant recently and the breasts still not appearing thicker and heavier note that it is just because the implants are newly placed and it will take time for them to fuse with the existing musculature.

How Can I Prevent my Breast from Looking Smaller after Breast Implant Surgery ? 

You don’t need to do anything to make your breasts look larger after breast implant surgery because they will eventually expand in size and will become in the right proportion on their own. Your breast looking smaller after the surgery is just a natural mechanism of their healing process. 

How to Maintain the Body after Breast Augmentation in Dubai?

  •  Do not hurry for the results instantly.
  •  Eat healthy diet so that you do not gain excess weight.
  •  Have a habit of massaging and working out.
  •  Internet lie on your chest while sleeping as it can disrupt the implants.
  •  Visit your specialist frequently so that they can check the status of your implants.

 How is Breast Implant Surgery in Dubai Performed? 

  • Initial history taking an examination.
  •  In case of post cancer treatment survivors a detailed lab investigation and x rays will be done.
  •  on the day of your surgery you will be uh prepared.
  •  general anesthesia will be administered to block the pain channels.
  •  incisions and laceration of the areas where the breast implant will be placed.
  •  placement of the silicon or saline based implants.
  •  approximation of this skin back for this sutures.
  •  dismissal from the clinics along with some post operative instructions.

Is Breast Augmentation Painful? 

The treatment of Breast Augmentation in Dubai & Abu Dhabi is completely done in a pain free environment. This is because the administration of local anesthesia is quite effective in blocking the pain perception and the post treatment painkillers and antibiotics are also sufficient enough to keep you pain-free. 

Cost of Breast Implants in Dubai 

The cost of breast implant in Dubai varies in the range from 15,000 AED to 20,000 AED.  However your surgeon can best guide you about the cost. 

The Final Verdict!

Treat yourself and give it a new look by choosing the best breast augmentation in Dubai done in our clinic. We offer you a free consultation in the initial checkup and will wave off a considerable amount from your actual cost for the treatment surgery. so grab the offer right now!