DHI vs FUE Hair Transplant

Stronger and thicker hair reflects half of your personality. Most individuals spend time and money on their hair in an effort to seem more attractive and appealing. In order to be able to arrange their hair in whatever style they choose, both men and women want their scalps to be covered in hair. However, regardless of gender, hair loss is becoming more common today. Even younger generations are seeing early-onset hair loss. Hair loss can occur for a number of causes, including poor diet, genetics, and aging. Various Treatments for Hair Loss include DHI Hair Implantation in Dubai and FUE Hair Transplant in Dubai.

Most people begin to experience baldness when they reach a certain age. For the development of hair, keratin is a crucial protein. Consequently, when individuals consume inadequate amounts of nourishment they start to face hair loss which eventually result in baldness. Luckily, there are various hair transplant choices. But most people do not have enough information about DHI vs FUE Hair Transplant.

What is DHI?

DHI Direct Hair Implant in Dubai is a contemporary hair transplant procedure. It entails the direct removal and implantation of individual hair follicles.  A specialized instrument that is an implanter pen is used in DHI to carry out hair transplant surgery. The hollow needle of this pen has a diameter that is comparable to a hair follicle. The surgeon uses this implanter to simultaneously implant individual hair follicles into the recipient area (bald or thinning areas) and remove individual hair follicles from the donor area (often the back or sides of the head).

What is FUE Hair Transplant?

Follicular Unit Extraction in Dubai is a minimally invasive process. The doctor removes individual follicles during this surgery and implants them on the bald region. The donor area is the region from which he harvests the follicles. On the other hand, the recipient area is the region into which he inserts the follicular unit. 

The side and back of the scalp are where the follicles extract from since they have a consistent volume of hair and are less likely to experience hair loss. Due to its modest intrusion and potential for discomfort, local anesthesia is necessary.

Difference between both:

FUE Hair Transplant in Dubai and direct hair implantation (DHI) are two hair transplantation methods with pronounced distinctions. FUE entails removing hair follicles using a punch or microneedle instrument, then implanting the grafts through minuscule incisions made in the recipient region. Instead of requiring separate incisions, DHI uses a specialized implanter pen to simultaneously remove and implant hair follicles.

Greater control, accuracy and a higher survival rate for the transplanted hair follicles are all benefits of the direct hair implantation procedure. DHI also permits a higher density of transplanting in a single session, giving the illusion of being fuller and thicker. Depending on a person’s demands, the severity of their hair loss, and other factors, both procedures offer benefits according to the individual.


  • DHI:

To obtain a natural-looking hair replacement, the Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) process entails numerous steps. An experienced hair transplant surgeon evaluates your hair loss situation during a consultation and goes over your objectives. He cleanses the donor and recipient regions of your scalp the day before the treatment and gives local anesthesia for your comfort. The surgeon pulls individual hair follicles from the donor region using a specialized implanter pen while taking into account the angle and density required for a natural appearance. The quality of these isolated grafts is then sorted. The surgeon next makes a series of tiny incisions in the recipient region, using the tool to ensure accurate placement and orientation of the retrieved follicles.

  • FUE Hair Transplant:

To perform a successful hair transplant, the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method entails a number of actions. A skilled hair transplant surgeon will evaluate your condition and discuss your goals at the initial appointment. He then prepares your scalp on the day of the surgery by washing the donor and recipient regions. And gives local anesthesia to make sure you are comfortable. The surgeon will next take individual hair follicles from the donor area, usually the back or sides of your head, using a microneedle or punch instrument. For transplantation, these follicular units are meticulously conserved. He delicately inserts the removed grafts into the recipient region using a needle or microblade, according to the natural pattern of the skin.


The doctor offers certain aftercare instructions to follow. The outcome of this surgery is entirely dependent on the person. The client will undoubtedly be able to get the results he wants from the operation if he carefully adheres to the aftercare instructions. The aftercare procedures assist you in getting outcomes while also preventing negative effects.

  • When the sun is out, stay still to avoid being exposed to UV rays.
  • Use antibiotic creams to prevent infections on scars.
  • Eat a lot of protein to hasten the healing process.
  • Avoid physically demanding tasks that might make you sweat since they could aggravate open wounds.
  • Do not use hot water 
  • Maintain a healthy scalp to lower the chance of infection.
  • Put sunscreen on your head.
  • Following surgery, you should take three weeks off from smoking and drinking.
  • Keep your scalp covered



  • Implantation of hair follicles directly.
  • Faster recuperation time.
  • Higher-density transplanting in a single session.
  • Little damage to the scalp.

FUE Hair Transplant:

  • Minimally intrusive method.
  • The donor area has no linear scars.
  • A natural-looking outcome.
  • Appropriate for different stages of hair loss.

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