Dental Implants Price list Dubai

The pain of losing a tooth is not just an ordinary one. You need to replace it with another tooth as soon as possible to restore the functioning of the teeth as well as to improve the aesthetics. Fixed bridges and removal of partial dentures are the conventional methods of tooth placement. However there is now a new yet improved prosthesis known as dental implants that can replace the missing tooth.  The good news here is it is fixed and hassle free from removing and replacing again and again.  We are among the Best Dental Clinics in Dubai that are running the services of dental implants ever since it came into being. 

What are Dental Implants? 

Dental  implants are fixed surgical replacement of the missing tooth. They are fixed within the bone of the jaw and  then tightened using a crown.  The fixing of the dental implant is basically done by a titanium, zirconia stainless steel screw whereas the crown is made of high quality porcelain. 

What is the Procedure of Dental  Implants?

The dental implant placement procedure requires a very skillful surgeon because the surgery is very complex. The procedure has a series of steps that include:


The dentist will first check your oral cavity and will look for any problems or issues that will hinder the treatment for. He/she  will analyze each and every socket and especially the socket that is to be replaced with the dental implant.

Investigation x-ray:

After the additional diagnosis and consultation is completed the dentist will then recommend you to undergo an investigation process that will require full mouth X-rays.

The Surgical Process:

The socket is drilled and the screw is placed with the socket. The screw  is then left for months to fuse with the bone and with the socket. 

Crown Placement:

When the screw is properly fused and is completely healed then the porcelain crown is placed over the screw and is tightened. 

The After Care:

You will be told to avoid eating from the same side for a day at the next day you can resume your eating practices. It is important for you to report that just if you acknowledge any bleeding or uncomfortable sensations.

How Much Does Dental Implants Cost ? 

The cost of the dental implants depend on the material, complexity of the surgery and the Surgeon.  

Here is the detail of the packages including Dental Implants Cost in Dubai.

Dental Implants Cost                            Starting Cost
Implants include PFM or zirconia        7500 AED
Implant with crown package 999 AED
Implant screw tightening 350 AED
Implant supported bridge (upper right) 3000 AED
Implant supported crown and bridge (upper left) 3000 AED
Surgical placement of dental implants (upper left) 3500 AED (roughly)
Surgical placement of dental implants (lower front) 3500 AED


What are the Benefits of Dental implants? 

Dental implants either the conventional one or the same day dental implant in Dubai both have similar benefits. 

  • Improve facial aesthetics 
  • restore chewing and grinding functions of the teeth 
  • boost self confidence 
  • are devoid of removing and replacing in the mouth
  • Aid in a hesitant free smile 

Who are the Best Candidates for Dental Implants?

  • Candidates who do not want removable dentures 
  • Candidates with good oral hygiene
  • People who do not have any comorbids like hypertension or diabetes 
  • Candidates with good bone health and height 

What are the Pros and Cons of Dental Implants? 


  • Ease of chewing and eating 
  • A better appearance of the mouth 
  • You can smile wider than before
  • Confidence in social meetups 


  • The treatment is very lengthy 
  • Can cause infection if it is not done by a good professional. 

Why Choose Us? 

We are offering the best titanium and zirconia implant in Dubai . Our services are exemplary and our commitment towards providing an effective treatment makes our clinic the most visited.This is the reason we are highly approachable in the nation. 

The Final Verdict!

An ideal and perfect smile is the only gateway to better confidence and self esteem. You can also now fill the up the imperfection in your oral cavity by getting your hands on the dental implants placed in our clinic for years.