dental implants in dubai

Amazing Offer ! GET Dental Implants with Crown Package At 999 AED in DUBAI

There are many reasons for your missing teeth and it looks worse if it is left over. Apart from just the appearance, the replacement of a missing tooth is very important to restore the functions of chewing and biting. If you are negligent about the replacement of teeth and leave it as it is, the bone in the socket starts to resorb. The best one can do is to get your hands on the
dental implants in Dubai offered in our clinic. 

Here is the little detail about dental implants: 

What Are Dental Implants? 

Dental implants are the replacement of a missing tooth that is supposed to be fixed. It is a very convenient and reliable treatment especially for those who don’t want to choose partial dentures as their missing teeth replacement method. they do not require removing and placing back and so they are fixed within the jaw bone surgically.  Treatment for dental implants can only be done by an Implantologist. Our clinic is well saturated with skillful Implantologist  this is the reason why it is considered as the best dental implant clinic in Dubai. 

How Is The Procedure Of a Dental Implant carried out?

The dental implants treatment is a very lengthy procedure  it requires about an year including all the healing phases and the Ossification months.  However, it also depends upon the professionals skills and techniques that are used in order to provide a reliable treatment. Here is how the treatment is done:


A decayed tooth or culprit tooth is first extracted using the forceps.  During normal extractions the socket is immediately pressed by the dentist allowing it to close at a faster rate.  In the case of  implant placement the dentist will not try to close the socket because the implant screw is supposed to be placed within the socket.

Screw Placement

The best material that is bio compatible for the oral cavity are the titanium implant screws. Titanium implant screws are very reliable and they are fixed and fused beautifully within the socket.  After the placement of screws within the socket it takes about three to six months for a socket to completely fuse with bone around the titanium screw.

The Crown Placement 

The crown placement after the ossification of the screw with the jaw completes the treatment of the dental implant. We are providing dental crowns in Dubai at very reasonable prices. You can look down below for all the details of the cost. 

The Aftercare

The aftercare and the post operative instructions will be given by the dentist. The dentist  will advise you to avoid eating from the treated site at least for a day. The next day you can start resuming your normal function of the oral cavity. It will take a few days for you to adjust with the new newly added appliance in the oral cavity as it  is not used to it.

What Are The Benefits Of Dental Implants?

  • Restores the function of eating and chewing
  • Improves the facial aesthetics. 
  • Helps people smile with confidence who were hesitant in the first place. 
  • Do not require removing and replacing again and again like partial denture. 

How Much Do Dental Implants Cost In Dubai

In Dubai,the dental implant cost with crown package starts from 999 AED. The price may varies as per clinic location,materials of implants used for crowning,and dentist speciality.


The recovery of dental implants is not a major issue if it is done by a skillful professional. Secondly it also depends upon the candidates well being whether he or she is devoid of any comorbid like blood pressure or diabetes.  The healing and recovery is slightly delayed in patients with such diseases. 

The Final Verdict

You can reach out to us if you are looking for dental implants in Dubai.  We are offering Dental implants with crown packages for 999 AED only. It is very less likely that you can find such an offer anywhere in the entire state.  We are looking forward to welcoming you and providing you our exuberant services. Our vision is that each and every candidate goes home with a perfect smile and a happy gesture.