Our skin has the tendency to develop flaps if excess skin cells are being produced. You can see multiple skin growths extending off of your skin: these are known as skin tags. Individuals with skin tags find them undesirable; therefore, can feel the need to get rid of them. If you are also in search of skin tag removal cost Dubai, this blog will help you understand what they are and what they may cost you.

We offer various procedures for Skin tag removal Dubai at Dynamic Clinic.

What are Skin Tags?

Skin tags are non-cancerous, painless skin flaps that typically appear over the chest, underarms, or the back. They are small skin growths that are attached to the skin with a thin thread of skin. Skin tags do not pose any hazard; however, some individuals have a distaste for the way they affect their appearance. If your skin tag starts hurting, you should consult a doctor because you might have some other skin condition such as warts. Contrary to skin tags, warts can be painful. Skin tags can be of your skin color or may have a darker tone. If you observe new flaps appearing on the skin, inform your doctor to confirm that they are harmless.  

Most people go for skin tag removal in Dubai for cosmetic purposes.

What Causes Skin Tags?

Sometimes the growth of extra skin cells starts developing in the upper layer of skin. When skin has multiple folds of skin and the skin rubs against itself, skin tags start appearing. They are common in both men and women and usually appear on the skin of overweight individuals.

Treatments for Skin Tag Removal:

In some cases, skin tags can disappear on their own. For instance, in the case of pregnancy, a woman may develop skin tags which are likely to disappear as soon as pregnancy is over. There are some home remedies that you can try for skin tag removals. However, such remedies can take time. You can also wait because they can fall off over time. If, however, skin tags do not die away and you want to remove them, there are some medical treatments that you can opt for. Most of these treatments give instant results while others may take some time, but they are highly reliable and safe in comparison with home remedies.


Cryosurgery is considered as a small surgery. In this technique, the unwanted excess skin tissues are made to fall off by putting them under extremely cold temperatures. Liquid nitrogen is employed to destroy skin tags. This treatment may require two to three sessions for the complete removal of skin tags. This treatment, however, will help you get rid of skin tags from a particular place permanently.


Excision is the removal of excess skin tissues through a scalpel or scissors. Before snipping skin tags off of your skin, your doctor will numb the area so that you do not experience pain. The procedure of excision is simple: your doctor numbs the area and then cuts off the skin tag.

Laser Treatment:

In this procedure, laser light is beamed at skin tags. A handheld tool devised to radiate laser which destroys excess tissues. Laser treatment in Dubai is extensively employed for various cosmetic procedures because it is painless and helps gain the results in minimum sessions. In one session, several skin tags can be removed.


Ligation involves wrapping a band around the part of the skin through which skin tags are attached to block blood supply. When blood is not supplied to the skin tags, they drop off of your skin within a few days.

Cost of Skin Tag Removal in Dubai:

At our clinic, the skin tag removal cost in Dubai starts from AED 600. If you go for surgical removal of skin tags, it may cost you AED 10,000 to AED 20,000. This shows that skin tag removal price in Dubai is not fixed. Instead, it highly depends on the procedure that you have opted for. In addition to depending upon the treatment, cost of skin tag removal in Dubai also varies according to the chosen dermatologist/surgeon and the location of the treatment. Therefore, consult your doctor to know the best suited treatment for you. The exact price can be known accordingly.

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