Can I have labiaplasty for my vaginal rejuvenation

Problems related to intimacy in females are very ignored and often left untouched. Choosing the right treatment at the right time is not as important as its diagnosis. Therefore the problems related to the vagina can be treated by Labiaplasty Surgery in Dubai. It is done for a considerable number of reasons and this article will surely help you to rule out when and how you should receive a labiaplasty for a better intimate life.

What is Labiaplasty Surgery?

A Labiaplasty is an intimate surgery that is done in the vagina to rejuvenate the vagina by reducing the size of the muscles of the labia for the labial muscles are the ones that cover up the opening of the vaginal orifice. 

The aim of the labiaplasty is to relieve pain during sexual intercourse and relax the muscles of the labia that often get pulled or tightened during the deed.

Who are the Ideal Candidates for a Labiaplasty? 

  • Females who are above 18 years.
  • Candidates who are worried about the increased size of their labia minora.
  • Candidates who are physically fit and do not have any other comorbid.
  • Candidates who are not pregnant or lactating.

What are the Profound Benefits of Labiaplasty? 

Before you learn about the actual process of Labiaplasty you should first address yourself with the benefits of Labiaplasty that include: 

  • But their appearance and aesthetics of the vagina.
  • A feeling of pleasure and intense satisfaction during the deal.
  • A feeling of  youthfulness.
  • Helps in boosting confidence and self esteem especially during intercourse.
  • Less itching and infections in the surrounded area .
  • adequate and tightness and erection of the walls of the vagina.

What to Expect in a Single Procedure of Labiaplasty Surgery?

A labiaplasty surgery is not just done easily. There are some pre-treatment care instructions and preparations that are needed to follow in order to perform the exact treatment.

Pretreatment Procedure:

  •  Your surgeon will first tell you to stop taking any blood thinners.
  •  You will be advised to continue your regular supplements that may include multivitamins.
  •  Candidates who smoke or drink are told to abstain from doing so prior to the surgery.
  •  Take enough sleep before the surgery.
  •  Candidates are encouraged to be nothing by mouth on the day of the surgery.
  •  Do inform your surgeon about the medications or any prior surgery you have undergone before the actual surgery.

The Procedure:

According to the surgeons, labiaplasty surgery in Dubai is done in two methods: the trim procedure and the wedge procedure. here’s what you can expect in this procedures:

  •  Initial history taking and examination.
  •  Application of local or general anesthesia based on the candidates choice.
  •  Performing the trim procedure that includes an incision made over the outer surfaces of the inner labia. Any darker part of the labia I is also excised off in this procedure.
  •  The wedge procedure is less common but still done in cases where the surgeon creates A V- shape on either side after vagina and then sutures them back. Any extra tags or folds of the Clitoris can also be reduced in the wedge technique. 
  • Both the procedures have exuberant benefits and the end results are the same for both of them.
  • After the surgery the candidate is then observed closely.
  • When all the observations are clear the candidate is then dismissed from the department.

Post Treatment Care Instructions:

if you want your treatment to heal and recover soon then it is important that you follow the post treatment care instructions recommended by your specialist keenly for instance. 

  •  Use cold compresses in the treatment site to reduce swelling and bruising.
  •  It is advised to change your dressings regularly and keep it clean, free of infections.
  •  Avoid doing the deed for at least first few weeks after the treatment as it may induce some pain.
  •  Never ever miss any of the follow-ups after the surgery because it can help the specialist to analyze how well you are doing with treatment. 

What are the Side Effects of Labiaplasty? 

Then Labiaplasty Surgery in Dubai is performed by a profound surgeon then the risks and potential side effects are quite rare first of however some people have reported to show signs of: 

  •  Redness.
  •  Pain in the side of the treatment.
  •  Soreness.
  •  Bruising and contusions.
  •  Swelling at treatment site.
  •  Slight discomfort while urination.

What is the Cost of Labiaplasty Surgery in Dubai? 

Our clinic offers the minimum cost possible for a Labiaplasty Surgery in Dubai. It can range between AED 25,000 to AED 30,000. However, your surgeon can best elaborate you about cost related concerns as it depends upon the complexity of the treatment. 

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