Blepharoplasty Cost in Dubai

Looking for Blepharoplasty Cost in Dubai? 

Check out our guide to learn its offered prices and associated factors. Continue ahead.

Blepharoplasty in Dubai, also known as Eye bag removal or Eyelid surgery. It involves the removal of excess skin around the eyes in order to produce a more alert and youthful appearance.

So far this surgery has helped thousands of people treat their puffy eyes and droopy eyelids. Still, more awareness for pricing is requisite as many folks experience a lack of knowledge here. Before we let you discern the cost details let’s first explain, why you need this surgery and how it can benefit you.

Why Need Blepharoplasty?

Did you ever look tired even after a full night’s rest? Your eyes seem puffy after every sleep? Or ever you noticed droopy, baggy eyelids? If you are fine with it then it’s acceptable. Otherwise, surgical help can be your basic.

Just with any surgery, you need to check with your surgeon how this procedure can benefit you. Over some terms and conditions, results vary. What worked for your friend might not suit you. Not every person is expected to cherish the same result. Speak directly to our surgeons for unique guidance in your case however for any cost indication, read ahead.

Typical Cost:

On average, estimates conclude Blepharoplasty cost in Dubai from AED 10,000 to AED 22,000. This range can fluctuate based upon a number of factors including eyelid condition, surgeon’s fee, market price, and availed facilities.

For a more clear vision of cost estimation, contact our doctors.

What Makes Up the Total Cost?

If you are researching the certain cost of Blepharoplasty, you may have noticed that pricing information is missing from many websites. The primary reason for withholding cost often comes down to variability. However, the exact estimates of Blepharoplasty cost in Dubai depend upon the individual’s specific needs, desired results, and a couple of factors declared below.

  • Surgeon’s fee
  • Running down recovery room
  • Follow-up visits (regular evaluation)
  • Chosen clinic
  • Other charges i.e. medicines, sterile dressings, etc.

Important: Kindly check with your clinic if they cover such charges in the total surgery fee. 

Special Packages:

We know financial issues can sometimes become barriers in grooming. For this reason, we bring various offers to ease the burden of big amounts to pay at once. Our easy installment plan is interest-free and applies to everyone. Please talk directly with our counselors for more details.

Do Insurance Companies Cover the Cost of This Surgery?

The private insurance funds hardly cover cosmetic treatments. Even if they do still it would be a very rare case when total surgery cost is covered. Some cover hospital fees and some other expenses. Despite that, this surgery is considered medical in some terms. There is a fifty-fifty chance that it is covered by funding companies.

So, before having this procedure, check with your insurance firm what exactly is covered and what not.

The Takeaway:

Catering to the health care and medicated needs, Enfield Royal Dubai is one of the trusted hospitals of the city. Offering hundreds of aesthetic treatments, surgeries across the globe. You can be sure of receiving world-class care along with state of art facilities at the most reasonable rates.

The low cost we offer for our patients doesn’t affect our services and quality. We make it easy for our patients to find cost information, book treatments, and reach world-renowned doctors.

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