Best IPL Laser Hair Removal Dubai

Are you ever frustrated with unwanted hair? 

It may be time to try IPL for your hair removal. 

One of the advanced high-tech methods is —Best IPL Laser Hair Removal Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah, which stands for Intense Pulsed Light Technology. Home IPL devices work pretty similarly to lasers; they prevent ingrown hair and stop the mess of shaving and waxing for the long run. But still, it’s not reported as effective as Lasers.

The prime difference noted between IPL; Laser Hair Removal in Dubai is the source of light (wavelength) and how well it’s absorbed by different skin and hair types. Continue ahead for more details on this modern update.

About IPL Hair Removal:

IPL Hair Removal disables the hair follicles beneath the skin and stops their further growth. This technique uses a broad spectrum of light wavelengths to treat unwanted hair. It doesn’t focus on the concentrated beam, just like lasers. Means IPL devices can’t target one intense area.

Following are some visible concerns tackled with IPL technology.

 IPL Hair Removal Procedure:

Whether you’re visiting the clinic for your IPL Hair removal or doing it yourself, the procedure remains the same. But know that, experts can perform safe treatment compared to any inexpert practitioner. Visiting the clinic is truly a safe decision.

The procedure of IPL Hair Removal Dubai include:

  1. Shaving skin first to remove hair from the upper layer.
  2. Selecting the right intensity of device as per your skin tone.
  3. Turn the input on, and wait for the flashlight to come.
  4. Press the flash button and move ahead.

Is IPL Hair Removal Painful?

Just like standard lasers, IPL hair removal also encounters a mild sensation which is tolerable. Indeed, it’s much more comfortable than waxing.

Which Hair Removal Option is Best?

So which one do you prefer? IPL Hair Removal, simple Laser Hair removal or Salon waxing? Well, it’s ultimately your decision to fit on the best suitable option but if the excess coming of unwanted hair irritates you, consider a dermatologist’s advice. IPL or Lasers—you can choose any option from them. But for more dramatic and long-lasting results, get Laser Hair Removal Dubai.

With IPL or Laser, you can perceive a considerable reduction in body hair.


Prices of IPL Hair Removal in Dubai differ as per the area. You can expect to pay from AED 300 to AED 1200 or perhaps more based on the acquired number of sessions, the expertise of the doctor and clinic location.

Please prefer consulting our team for perfect cost appraisals in your case.

Best IPL & Laser Hair Removal Clinic Dubai:

At times, Lasers lead to burns and scars if done by an untrained doctor. Choose Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic, the Best Laser Hair Removal Clinic in Dubai.

Being the experts in Laser and skincare, we offer hundreds of skincare treatments, including IPL and both Lasers. We ensure the patient’s safety and comfort. Every laser technician in our team is board-certified with years of experience. Our professional dermatologists, friendly staff adhere to strict laser protocols to give maximum comfort to our patients.

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