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Throughout their lives, women encounter multiple changes in their bodies. These changes occur for multiple reasons, and hormonal transformations can cause many reshapings in the body during the adultery period. Women’s bodies change throughout the pregnancy process and motherhood. When they give birth, their physiques expand and alter their structure. And they lost their vaginal elasticity as well as got dark patches in the bikini area. This discoloration of the intimate areas may even stretch into the tummy and thighs. Some also face loose breasts and sagging skin of the abdomen. These issues are almost faced by all women, but thanks to technology and innovative novel ideas to resolve existing problems if you are worried about the results of the treatment, then stop worrying and determine the Best Intimate Contouring in Dubai, Sharjah & Abu Dhabi.

The Aim of the Procedure:

 Body changes cause many problems and create stress in women’s lives, but body contouring ultimately resolves all the relevant problems.

  • It improves the overall texture of intimate spots.
  • Shrink vagina.
  • Bikini discoloration removal.
  • Abdomen fat removal.
  • Sagging the extra skin on the underside of the arms.
  • breast lowering, and uplift.

Types of Treatment:

There are three main treatments utilized in intimate contouring.


  • Through dermabrasion, you can remove your black anal and vagina.
  • It reveals the uppermost coating of the skin to make you look younger and more vibrant.
  • Following the procedure, you may experience very minor redness and swelling, but these side effects should go away after the process.

Penetrating Agents:

  • Numerous men and women choose intimate bleaching treatments even if they are technically unnecessary.
  • One method to treat vaginal hyperpigmentation is peeling.
  • It is a good option for individuals who want a non-invasive way to lighten their vaginas.
  • To peel the damaged skin.
  • This process boosts important chemical treatments to the labia and vaginal area.

Therapy With Lasers:

  • Employ laser treatment to get rid of vaginal epithelium that is black in color.
  • You will notice a noticeable difference in the color of your epidermis.
  • The sensitive cells of the anal and labia will regrow after removing dead cells.


  • Two key factors that contribute to dark intimate parts possess scratching the genitalia and poor ventilation.
  • There are numerous lighting techniques used to brighten the vaginal areas.
  • Discover our bleaching alternatives, then select the one that best satisfies your requirements. 


The mommy makeover has no predetermined procedures since it depends on each patient. They will suggest the most suitable method of measurement. Common processes accomplished in a mommy makeover:

  • The liposuction process helps you to get rid of unwanted fat patches and is commonly done on the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, back, and arms.
  • The Breast Lift helps reshape the breasts by raising sagging skin.
  • Breast Augmentation restores the contour of the breasts by replacing lost volume. It can also help with breast symmetry.
  • A belly tuck extracts the excess fat patches from the abdomen. It can also help to maintain weakened abdominal strength.
  • It helps to shrink the vagina and enhance the elasticity of Libia Majora as well as Minora.
  • With the help of a laser, it removes the dead skin, improves the texture of the vagina, and lightens up the darker spot.


Intimate contouring has multiple benefits, including,

  • It is a non-invasive process.
  • The outcomes are fully satisfactory.
  • The process delivers quick healing and consequences.
  • It compresses the vagina and enhances its elasticity.
  • Enrich the general texture of intimate spots.
  • Discoloration reduction of the bikini.
  • It shows accurate results.
  • This process removes the abdomen’s upper and lower fat.
  • It helps with sagging and extra skin on the underside of the arms.
  • Breast reduction and uplift are done by this technique.


The cost of Best Intimate Contouring in Dubai, is most reasonable at Dynamic Clinic is a very demanded process, prices are different for each treatment, it depends on the condition of the patients and requirement of the treatment, it approximately ranges from AED 15,00 to AED 49,999. During your free consultation, the surgeon will advise you on the cost of your treatment. There are multiple factors that depend on the overall procedure cost. 

  • Applicants’ problems’ severity
  • Treatment area sensitivity
  • The Reputation of the Expert
  • Clinic location
  • The specialist ability and capability
  •  Applicants’ requirements for therapies.
  • The clinic’s geographical location.

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