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We’ll Treat you Well:

Take a quick look around your circle, you will find the majority battling hair fall daily–especially after the trauma of Covid Lockdown. While previously, treatment choices were only limited to topical applications, oils, or drastic measures but now there’s a simple way out. Being the Best Hair Treatment Clinic in Dubai, we bring hundreds of hair loss solutions to promote your hair growth. Our procedures are proven, effective, and suitable for moderate to severe alopecia. Our highly-trained specialists are able to detect the root of the problem to conduct treatment accordingly.

Hair Loss Solutions We Provide:

We have numerous hair strengthening solutions. We bring you what suits your unique condition. It’s highly advisable to start treatment right after noticing the first signs of hair thinning. Here are the procedures you can have with us.

PRP Therapy:

Designed for thin or weak hair, fortified with the patient’s own blood cells to activate the damaged Hair Loss tissues while strengthening the scalp and hair follicles. In the results of PRP Dubai, hair fall stops with a shiny, fuller, and silky finish.


Series of painless injections embraced high potency vitamins, minerals that are nourished deeply into the scalp to stimulate blood circulation. This way nutrients fill up the vacant space for vitamins and lead to a healthy scalp as well as rejuvenated hair growth.

Stem Cells:

Stem cells taken from your own body fat or peripheral blood are injected carefully into the affected area. These cells release the factors which give rise to new hair growth. However, these injections are typically sprinkled onto thinning areas to remark the healthy hair deprived of any complication.

Laser Therapy:

Dominant Hair Loss Solution—for all the individuals who afraid of even needles. The laser device is moved carefully on the scalp while its emitting waves boost the blood circulation in the scalp and let the new follicles grow to create a fuller touch.

Surgical Procedure to Stop Hair Loss:

At times, non-surgical hair loss solutions even provided by the Best Hair Treatment Clinic in Dubai aren’t enough- especially for men tolerating severe baldness. Therefore, the only surgical procedure that can help is “Hair Transplant”—it’s the simple process of moving hair follicles from the area where there is enough hair to the area where baldness exists. It can be done with either FUE or FUT depending upon your certain hair loss condition and number of grafts.

How Much Best Hair Treatment Clinic Cost?

At Dynamic Clinic, Hair loss treatments start from AED 500 and go maximum to AED 1500 OR AED 2000. You can expect to have great cost fluctuation in this price range depending upon the treatment you decide and the sittings you attend. Prefer to consult our expert dermatologists for perfect cost assessment in your case.


Doctors at Enfield Royal Dubai believe that it’s you who can do everything. Consistency with the healthcare regimen is utterly important even after hair loss treatment. Our experts advise, avoid changing hair products too frequently, and try to stick to a stable hair care routine. While picking products, ensure they are herbal, medicated, and suitable in terms of scalp state. Either your scalp is oily, dry, or excessively has dandruff, choose the shampoo, conditioner accordingly to prevent the further worsening of hair loss. Though, it’s quite better to get some recommendations from our dermatologist for your hair care routine.

*We always advise our patients a unique post-plan for healthy hair*. 

Get the Best Hair Loss Treatment in Dubai!

Our hair loss procedures are beneficial for candidates looking forward to perfect hair restoration. Whether it’s hair thinning, or excess hair fall, our Laser, PRP, or mesotherapy can benefit in every way. We offer a customized 100% plan. Besides, for men who suffer severe baldness, the solution can be surgical. Please let us know your unique problem for better guidance. Schedule your appointment at the Best Hair Treatment Clinic in Dubai now. Use the online form or call directly at +971 588230420.