Dr.-Juan-Carlos in dubai

“Transform Your Appearance and counter your face.”

Advances in dermatology and expert expertise allow you to reshape your face, body, and intimates. As doctor Juan Carlos in Dubai, stated, the goal of a performer is to portray brilliance. He is one of the most satisfactory Doctors in Dubai, with practically 30 years of expertise. He is currently creating his wonderful connection of offering excellent outcomes to the people at Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic. He is a big lover of beauty, and he measures it with his artistic hands and picturing eyes, which allow his intellect to create such a work of art. He is an excellent dermatologist with extensive experience in identifying and treating a wide range of skin issues. When it comes to terrible news, excel at being courteous and compassionate to patients. expert in several treatments, including laser therapy and Botox injections. I am capable of leading a team and working with employees that know what they are expected to do and are delighted to do it. 

Knowledge and Abilities:

Sensitive personal assistance and abilities are required to explain intricate medical terminology in layman’s terms and to put individuals at ease when receiving potentially upsetting news, Critical thinking abilities are required to evaluate symptoms and decide what a patient is most likely suffering from. Sharp managerial abilities are required to maximize everyone’s talents. The capability to instruct others to perform special duties. He possesses a diverse skill set that includes the following techniques and expertise:

  • Hands-on Rhinoplasty Eyelid Surgery Experience
  • Facelift with Threads and Fillers for the Face and Body
  • Breast and Buttock Enlargement treatment expertise
  • Other weightlifting techniques, such as liposuction and Sculptra,
  • He is an expert in injectable treatments.

 He only uses the most dependable implant products for augmentation treatments and is knowledgeable about the most recent body-shaping techniques, such as J-Plasma and BodyJet. He has also employed body contouring techniques to help patients who had bariatric surgery and lost a substantial amount of weight recover their natural form and angles.


His list of memberships describes his successful career and the outstanding outcomes he achieved via his work:

  • Member of the American Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
  • Emirates Plastic Surgery Society members
  • Member of the Colombian Society of Plastic Surgery
  • Ibero-Latin American Association partner(FILACP).
  • Icoplast member
  • ISAPS member
  • He is a member of the Clinica Artery Cuerpo Medellin, Colombia team.

Work Experience:

His work experience is multidimensional because, because of his academic record and proficiency, he serves in the following criteria:


  • Diagnose melanoma, blue nevi, psoriasis, congenital nevi, and a variety of other health concerns on the skin.
  • When anything is beyond his ability to treat, he refers the patient to the appropriate medical authority.
  • Record all patients’ medical histories to prescribe specific testing and treatments.
  • Perform different cosmetic operations, such as a chemical peel, to improve a client’s skin appearance.
  • Assign responsibilities to interns and evaluate their work regularly.

Physician Assistant:

  • Patients were examined and conferred with the lead dermatologist to decide the best course of action.
  • He also collaborated with the chief dermatologist to remove tattoos and perform chemical peels on patients.
  • obtained consent documents from patients and used a nice approach to make them feel at ease.
  • Patients’ health histories, weights, heights, and other essential information were all documented.

Medical Assistant:

  • Patients were prepared for treatments by informing them exactly what would happen.
  • Patients were told what they needed to do at home and what medications they needed to take to treat a specific problem.
  • He spoke with patients’ families to let them know what they could do to help with the process.


Dr. Juan-Carlos has affiliations with other highly reputed organizations and aesthetic centers. that are given below:

  • Envigado Colombian Cosmetic Surgery.
  • Clinica Izka, Bogota, D.O., Colombia.
  • Victoria Advanced Plastic Surgery Center, Bogota, Colombia
  • Clinica Avellaneda Bogota, Colombia
  • El Country Clinic in Bogota
  • Loyola Clinic in Bogota, Colombia
  • San Nicolas Clinic in Bogota, Colombia
  • Circular Medellin
  • Plastic Surgery Clinic in Bogota, Colombia