Congenital Anomalies in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Understanding Congenital Anomalies:

Congenital anomalies, also commonly known as birth defects, are the conditions that arise because of disturbed and intricate processes during pregnancy. These disorders appear instantly after birth, or at the time of adolescence. Birth defects can be structural or functional. Genetic factors or a variety of environmental instances play a major role in their development. Some researchers believe that almost about 20% of Congenital Anomalies in Dubai & Abu Dhabi are a result of genetics, in which abnormal trait passes down through the family. Some other factors of congenital anomalies include smoking, drug intake, alcohol, uterine constraint, infection, radiation, and any injury at the time of pregnancy. A number of birth defects do not cause any health problem, they just negatively alter the physical appearance.

Structural and Functional Birth Defects:

When there are abnormalities in the development of body parts (skeleton and organ), they are known as structural birth defects. Examples include cleft lip, underdeveloped ear, missing hand, etc. On the other hand, functional birth defects arise due to irregularities in the systems that are responsible for the proper functioning of the human body. Examples of functional birth defects are sensory disorders, metabolic disorders, and immune problems.

Internal and External Congenital Anomalies:

Birth defects usually appear on the outside of the body but can be found inside the body too. An example of the external congenital anomaly is the absence or incomplete development of the foot. Congenital anomaly lying inside the body is also commonly referred to as an internal defect. It may not be visibly obvious but can cause a significant abnormality of the organ structure and function on the inside. Common internal birth defects are cleft lip, cleft palate, Encephalocele, and Anencephaly.

Can you be Cured of Congenital Anomalies?

Some congenital anomalies are life-threatening so it is best to have immediate treatment when they are diagnosed. Fortunately, with an immense advancement in technology, it is possible to treat both mild and severe birth defects with a variety of surgical and non-surgical techniques. At a dynamic clinic, we offer different treatment options to help you repair the congenital anomaly of your child. The symptoms vary widely from patient to patient so sometimes it becomes very difficult for the practitioner to diagnose them. It should be noted that that if defects of the child are identified during your pregnancy then you should have a treatment before you give birth to the baby.

The treatment options vary depending upon the type of disorder but two most popular treatments of congenital anomalies are,

Gene Therapy:

In this therapy, the surgeon replaces the missing or defective gene in the body. This therapy is being done by a wide number of surgeons all around the world as it is very effective in treating both the severe and mild birth defects.

Enzyme Replacement:

A medical treatment that surgeons use to replace the missing or deficient enzyme in the body. In the procedure, an enzyme solution is injected into the child’s body intravenously.

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