Best Face Scar Removal Surgery

How do scars form?

During wound healing, the body begins to produce new collagen fibers in the area where the wound is present. The new skin tissues have different quality, texture, and tone than the existing ones so they can be easily seen. Generally, these perceptible marks are known as scars. Depending upon the wound’s location, scars can appear anywhere on the body. But fortunately, we have several treatments to help fade these scars. For more information about the treatment options, read this blog till the end.

Face scar removal:

All types of scars including keloids, acne, contracture, etc. can be treated with dermatologist’s go-to treatments. As there are a number of effective and popular scars reduction treatments, it may be difficult for you to choose the best one. You can have a consultation with an expert to allow him to examine your scars and suggest you a suitable option.

Non-surgical treatment options:

The upside of in-office scar removal treatments is that most of the options are non-invasive and non-surgical. Dermabrasion and chemical peels are two best non-surgical treatments of scars. They both work by exfoliating the upper damaged layers of the skin to expose the new and healthy ones. It is better to see a certified professional to get your treatment or else the treatments may cause many complications during and after the procedure.

Face scar removal surgery:

As we all know that non-surgical treatments are slow and steady, so your scars can take several months to fade following non-surgical scar reduction. Here is a better alternative, known as scar removal surgery that you can consider to get rid of scars. By undergoing it, the scars become less noticeable quickly and swiftly. It is noteworthy that this surgical option is best for deep and stubborn scars because, within a period of two to three months, most patients notice a big improvement in their appearance.

How the surgery is done?

In scar reduction surgery, skin from another area of the body is implanted on the affected area to fill the scar. The surgery is usually done on an out-patient basis but the administration of local or general anesthesia to the patient is mandatory because without anesthesia there will be a lot of pain and discomfort throughout the procedure.

Please note that after placing the skin graft, stitches may be needed in order to hold the skin tissues at a new location while the skin heals. These stitches will probably be removed within 6 – 7 days. 

How long does it take to recover from face scar removal surgery?

During recovery, the scars will start to flatten and change its color in order to fuse with the surrounding skin tissues. Also, there will be mild discomfort, pain, and swelling in the area that has been treated but within 2, 3 weeks these symptoms should be gone and if they don’t, you should see your healthcare practitioner immediately.

Some facts about the results:

The results of scar removal surgery are impressive but usually take up to a year to appear. Also note that there is no treatment that can make the scars fully disappear so, remember that the treatments we offer at Dynamic clinic also just reduces their appearance.

What is the cost of the best face scar removal?

The cost is not fixed, it varies from person to person depending upon type, depth, and age of the scars. So, a consultation with the doctor is required to know the exact price of face scar removal surgery.

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