Non Surgical Facelift in, Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah

Some people begin internet surfing to find some facelift procedures and treatments that can maintain their younger look. Some of you may prefer home remedies to get rid of your aging signs.

However, traditional facelift procedures don’t show immediate, safe and long-lasting results except for Non-Surgical Face Lift.

If you want to get rid of your aging signs and excess fat deposits around your cheeks, chin and neck as it makes you look overweight, aged, tired and less attractive then you can consider Non-Surgical Facelift in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

Good Candidates:

If you want to undergo the Non-Surgical Facelift, then it’s important for you to check whether you are a good candidate or not:

  1. If you have lost body weight but still have a chubby and large face.
  2. If you have sagging or flabby eyebrows.
  3. If you don’t want to undergo a surgical procedure.
  4. If you have a double chin or a turkey neck.
  5. If your facial skin is sagging and drooping.
  6. If you have wrinkles on your face or neck.
  7. If your skin is less firm or tight.
  8. If you don’t have a well-defined jawline.
  9. If you want to look younger than now.
  10. If you don’t have a pointed chin.
  11. If you have realistic expectations regarding the results of the non-surgical procedure.
  12. If you have swollen bags beneath your eyes.

Pre-Operative Care Guidelines:

Before undergoing the Non-Surgical Facelift the physician will guide you to properly follow these Pre-Operative Care Guidelines:

  • You will have to quit smoking, as it slows down the healing and recovery process.
  • You will have to apply prescribed products on your treatment required area, in order to make your skin prepared for the procedure.
  • You will have to get all the recommended tests done, before undergoing the Non-Surgical Face Lift procedure.
  • You will have to regularly take the recommended medicines, as per the physician’s guidelines.
  • You will have to avoid taking painkillers, aspirin, anti-inflammatory medicines, blood thinning and herbal supplements for at least 3 weeks before undergoing the Non-Surgical Face Lift procedure as these may increase the risks of bleeding.

How many Methods of Procedures are there?

The selection of the method depends on your expected results and type of your skin. Following are the 05 methods to perform the Non-Surgical Facelift in Dubai & Abu Dhabi:

  1. Ultherapy
  2. Sculptra
  3. Skin tightening
  4. Liquid facelift
  5. 8 point facelift with Juvederm

How many Benefits are there?

Most people who want to rejuvenate their floppy, loose and sagging skin to get the younger and healthier look prefer undergoing the Non-Surgical Face Lift Procedure, instead of the surgical facelift procedure.

Following are the various reasons for why people are choosing Non-Surgical Facelift over a surgical Facelift procedure:

  1. It’s inexpensive and has a reasonable cost so that everybody would easily afford it.
  2. It will help you in making your face younger and healthier.
  3. It will help you in restoring the lost collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid in your skin.
  4. The procedure of non-surgical facelift takes less time or has no downtime at all.
  5. It will help you in reducing the aging signs such as; wrinkles, fine lines, creases and folds on your face.
  6. It’s completely a safe procedure and doesn’t cause any kind of side effects, skin allergies or postoperative complications.
  7. You will be able to go home right after undergoing the procedure.
  8. It will help you in boosting up your facial volume.
  9. It has a fast healing and recovery process, as compared to the other facelift procedures.
  10. It will help you in making a better first impression.
  11. It will help you in improving your confidence, both socially and professionally.
  12. It has permanent and natural results.
  13. It will help you in combating your double chin.
  14. It will help you in tightening and toning your neck and jowl.
  15. It’s totally non-invasive and gentle treatment.
  16. It will help you in restoring a more friendly facial expression.
  17. It’s completely a painless procedure, as compared to other facelift treatments.
  18. It will help you in minimizing or reducing your acne scarring.
  19. It’s totally a non-surgical procedure and doesn’t involve any surgical steps like; stitches and cuts.
  20. It doesn’t require a fat transfer.


If you don’t want to go under the knife to rejuvenate your sagging skin, then you can consult the Dynamic Clinic to consider Non-Surgical Facelift in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.