Buccal Fat Removal in Dubai, ABu Dhabi & Sharjah

Buccal fats are the fatty deposits that are found in your lower cheek area. It can make your cheek puffy and can also hide the contours of your cheekbone and jawline. Fortunately, there are many ways to reduce and eliminate excess facial fat.

What is Buccal Fat Removal?

lipectomy or Buccal Fat Removal in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah are the medical terms for a type of face correction surgery for cheeks that are too chubby, intended to permanently thin the cheek, and make the face look more defined. This procedure is also called cheek reduction. It can be safely performed on adults as young as age 18, as it is the ideal age to make any big decision in life.

Top 5 Benefits:

Cheeks are the most important feature of the face and having too chubby, chipmunk cheeks can have major adverse effects on the overall balance of the facial look.

Benefits of Buccal Fat Removal can include:

  1. A safe and effective surgery can improve the appearance of the face by giving it a more defined and youthful look.
  2. Improves the cheeks proportions permanently
  3. Amazingly fixes the problem of serious psychological distress
  4. Corrects facial asymmetry and restore defective cheek structure
  5. Boosts emotional well-being of the individual

Who is suitable for Buccal Fat Removal Surgery?

Some people find that they are not satisfied with the shape of their face due to having chipmunk cheeks. This can lead to low self-esteem and may cause them to feel self-conscious about their round face from time to time.

Individuals who might be suitable for Buccal Fat Removal Surgery include those who:

  • Maintain a healthy weight and have good mental health
  • Owns realistic expectations from the surgery outcomes
  • Don’t smoke or drink alcoholic beverages
  • Are looking for an affordable treatment to modify the facial characteristics
  • Have low confidence due to having a round, fuller face
  • Want to permanently lose chubby cheeks or Chin.

Our Best Buccal Fat Removal Results are:

Buccal Fat Removal in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah allow for the long term and exceptionally stable results. Although, it’s a minor cosmetic procedure, not every cosmetic surgeon can deliver successful results. Many surgeons are not skilled in the advanced techniques that our surgeons often use. Moreover, patients should keep in their mind that when they have this treatment, their face is initially swollen and final results don’t appear until this swelling completely resolves. Swelling fades over time, so patients can expect to see a gradual improvement.

Buccal Fat Removal in Dubai Buccal Fat Removal in Dubai Abu Dhabi & Sharjah Buccal Fat Removal in Abu DhabiBuccal Fat Removal in Dubai Abu Dhabi

Things to do Before this Surgery

  1. Surgeons require that candidates stop smoking and alcoholic drinks three weeks before the surgery.
  2. You should inform the surgeon about the medications you regularly use
  3. Patients are strongly advised to refrain from using anti-inflammatory medications like aspirin & ibuprofen three weeks before the operation

What Does This Procedure Involve?

In this type of cosmetic procedure, buccal fat pads are surgically removed from those chubby cheeks. Formerly, a local anesthetic is administered to the face to ease pain and discomfort. Then the surgeon creates an incision inside the mouth to cut and eliminate the cheek pad from the face. At last, the wounds are closed with dissolvable stitches.


  • You should stay on a liquid diet for a few days after the operation
  • It’s better to take prescribed oral and topical medications as instructed by the doctor to relieve or alleviate post-operative pain fast
  • Take care of the incisions and wounds. Do not touch them without washing your hands with antibacterial soaps
  • Do not perform any strenuous exercise for at least a month after the appointment day

What to Expect after Buccal Fat Removal?

We recommend you take 7 days off work to let your wounds heal quickly and smoothly. Your cheeks may be swollen or bruised during this phase, and you will need to see the doctor twice a month so that he can assess your treatment progress. The most amazing thing about this surgery is that there will no scarring after it. This is because the modifications are skillfully made inside the mouth, to ensure zero scars following the Lower Body Lift Surgery.

Potential Complications:

It is the safest, reliable, and most common technique for the correction of chubby cheeks. Although the treatment can be successful in most cases, risks are doubtful. The incisions can continue to bleed, wound infection may occur or wrong procedural steps may lead to facial asymmetry. It’s best to see an experienced surgeon for this surgery because his skills are needed to prevent such complications.

Buccal Fat Removal Cost:

Except for consulting an expert, there is no other way to know for sure the exact Cost of Buccal Fat Removal Dubai & Abu Dhabi. This is due to the reason that the prices of cosmetic procedures vary depending on different factors. Cost fluctuates based on the reputation of the surgeon, geographical location of the clinic, and objectives of the treatment.

Why is the Initial Consultation So Important?

The first step of any facial feminization surgery is to meet the surgeon for an initial consultation. In this session, you will be able to discuss with your surgeon what type of results you can expect from this procedure as well as, discuss thoroughly what may or may not be modified in your facial anatomy.

The surgeon who is offering buccal fat removal must be board certified. The following are some important questions that you should ask at Buccal Fat Removal Consultation:

  1. How many times have you performed this surgery?
  2. Am I qualified for Buccal Fat Removal or not?
  3. What can I expect after this procedure?
  4. Can you show me before and after photographs of your previous cases?

Book an Appointment:

If you want to safely, permanently, and painlessly remove extra or excessive fat from your lower cheek with long-lasting and natural-looking results at a reasonable cost, then feel free to consult Dynamic Cosmetic Clinic to consider the Buccal Fat Removal in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.