DHI Direct Hair Implant in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

DHI Direct Hair Implant:

Hair experts regularly release new methods to produce more precise and incredible hair transplant outcomes. DHI is the latest version of FUE technique. This procedure involves inserting follicles directly to the bald areas of the scalp i.e. without creating incisions. The follicles are placed in the thinning sections through DHI patented tool, “the DHI implanter” which is 100% safe to use. The technology used in this procedure provides more chance of success for hair grafts by maximizing their survival periods. With this technique of hair transplant, you can make your hair grow and improve the appearance of your scalp more beautifully. Another good thing about this procedure is that the transplanted hair grows naturally just like the hair which you already have – but only on the condition that you go to the certified surgeon. The decision of getting DHI Hair Implantation in Dubai & Abu Dhabi must be taken after a comprehensive review because it could completely change your life in the next few months.


DHI candidates meet the following criteria:

  • Have hair loss and looking for a minimally invasive procedure to get rid it
  • Ideal for those who haven’t achieved their hair goals yet
  • While any male or female who is mature enough to make any personal decisions can opt for DHI, but you should know that it works best for individuals with pattern baldness. The procedure can provide more impressive and natural-looking outcomes to individuals who have these characteristics


We know that FUT and FUE procedures are mostly carried out by technicians but in DHI procedure, we can’t take risks. Before undergoing this hair transplant, we have to make sure we are giving our scalps in the hands of certified surgeons because only they can provide us a successful treatment. So, if you are going to the right practitioner then no one can stop you from achieving brilliant results.


This section explains how Direct Hair Implantation works in Dubai:

  • Before starting the procedure, local anesthesia is given and the entire head is properly shaved
  • Hair follicles are extracted from the back and sides of the scalp with the help of the patented tool, Implanter
  • Extracted follicles are reloaded in the tool and then re-implanted into the thinning areas of the scalp
  • Cold compressors and bandages are used in the end to minimize the risk of complications

Post-Operative Care Guidelines:

You need to follow the recommendations we suggest for a smooth and quick recovery. These tips will help you obtain the best results of Direct Hair Implantation without complications.

  • Make sure that the pillow and treatment site do not touch each other, and for this reason, sleep at a 45-degree angle for about two weeks after the surgery
  • Avoid exercising and carrying heavy weights for 12 to 14 days after the procedure
  • Avoid exposing the scalp to direct sunlight and do touch the planted hair follicles for at least 24 hours


Direct hair Implantation Dubai is the most amazing achievement in the field of hair restoration. This innovative technique can restore hair on the scalp without surgery. It does not require incisions or stitches so the risk of infection is also low. Other benefits include:

  1. The doctor performs this procedure with the help of patented tools so the risk of botched results is significantly reduced with this method
  2. In a matter of follicles placement, DHI is better than FUE and FUT
  3. There are about 90-95 % chances that healthy and thick hair strokes will grow after DHI
  4. Patients can regain thicker, fuller head of hair without undergoing major surgeries
  5. Both FUE and FUT leaves noticeable scars on the scalp but after DHI, scars are not to be feared
  6. Provides excellent control over depth, location, and angle of donor hair while implantation
  7. Ensures amazing and 100% natural-looking results

Cost of DHI Direct Hair Implant:

This cost of surgery varies from patient to patient based on different factors. It highly fluctuates depending upon the location of the clinic, the number of roots that are implanted, expertise of the practitioner, and the severity & pattern of hair loss.

To know the exact price of this procedure, you can contact us by email, phone number or consultation form

Wrapping up!

While DHI is the best option for people who want to restore hair growth on the scalp without cuts, stitches, or notable scars but also one of the most expensive surgeries in UAE. So, if you cannot afford it you can try other alternatives such as PRP, Laser therapy or medications.

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