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It’s such a pain when you can’t see the results after putting great effort in eye-makeups! Because your hooded eyelids hide it. Millions of people consider brow lift surgery in Dubai for hooded eyes. But is it really worth its decision? Can a brow lift fix hooded eyes in Dubai? Read ahead.

The major reason people want to get rid of hooded eyes is their unbalanced facial appearance. Eyes that become hooded exhibit smaller size and makes it quite tough for one to enjoy the perfect eye-make-ups! Such concerns seem normal at listening but are most depressing to ladies.

All those who want to improve their hooded eyes are encouraged to schedule a consultation with our specialists. Experts evaluate patient’s facial appearance and inspect how it’s affecting their beauty. Plus, they also teach with the issues and execute a custom treatment plan that suits best in one’s unique condition.

Let’s begin this blog with first, what are hooded eyes?

What Are Hooded Eyes?

Hooded eyes arise when excess skin layer outspreads over the eyelids creases. This develops an additional eyelid and makes the upper eyelid invisible and small. Suffering from this eyelid condition doesn’t mean you are coping with a serious eyelid disorder. It’s usual to have hooded eyes due to genetics.

So many celebrities have hooded eyes. At times it’s considered appealing but always makes one frustrated at any point in their life.

Can I Consider Brow Lift Surgery For Hooded Eyes?

One simple answer is yes. Brow lift surgery isn’t only meant to treat the sagging in the brows area, but it also refreshes the hooded eye’s appearance without the need of going separate eyelid surgeries.

However, the decision of best treatment in your certain condition is still in an expert’s hands. Depending upon your facial symmetry, comfortability level, and health criteria, you will be given the ideal treatment option that works best in your condition.

How Does Brow Lift Surgery Fix Hooded Eyes?

While having your brow lift done remember that, surgical techniques vary as per the level of problem. The classic technique for eyelid sagging is called coronal brow lift. In this procedure, surgeons begin with creating small incisions at the ear and forehead to lift the excess fat and realign the muscle as required.

Can a brow lift fix hooded eyes in Dubai? Know that Brow lift isn’t specifically intended to treat hooded eyes, but leaves a visible difference in your hooded eyes appearance.

Other treatment options :

Other than brow lifts, there are also some other alternatives you can have after consulting your doctor. Each procedure exposes different results with diverse stability.

  1. Upper blepharoplasty
  2. Botox and dermal fillers

What’s The Best Treatment?

The most genuine and satisfying option for hooded eyes is “Upper eyelid surgery” aka upper blepharoplasty. Its techniques are specifically meant to treat the disorders of excess skin. Patients usually get satisfied with the outcomes of this surgery, and therefore which is why it’s the choice of thousands of experts worldwide.

Explore More Treatment Options By Meeting Our Experts!

Once you meet our professionals, they would have more access to your eyelids and can best recommend how to proceed further. Patients who are afraid of surgical brow lifts are usually advised injections such as Botox and dermal fillers. As so Injectables are non-invasive, recovery time is short but also the results are temporary.

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