Why Does my Nose Have a Bump on the Bridge

When you think of a straight-edged nose, what comes to mind? Is it a celebrity you see in movies, TV shows, or magazines? What is the secret of that beautiful straight nose?

Most people with perfect nose shape have one thing in common, they have received medical assistance. You can get your nose in shape with different nose reshaping treatments. But before moving onto these treatments, first, let’s understand Why Does Your Nose Have a Bump on the Bridge.

What is a Dorsal Hump?

Nose can develop a wide range of irregularities for several reasons. Nasal dorsal, the bone-and-cartilage structure, connects the nose tip to the face. Sometimes, tiny white bumps appear in that area which look very bad. These small bounces are known as dorsal bumps. This is the most common nose problem that people face. It generally arises due to genetics and trauma.

  1. Genetics is the primary cause of dorsal hump, people inherit these humps genetically. It may be diagnosed for the first time at birth or puberty when the nose is still growing.
  2. Accident or trauma to your nose is another major cause of dorsal humps. These types of humps generally occur due to abnormal and uneven wound healing. It’s important to protect your nose while exercising or doing physical fights as they can result in serious nasal injuries.


You can get rid of nasal flaws through various nose enhancement procedures. The six most popular nose treatments are:

  1. Rhinoplasty
  2. Liquid Rhinoplasty
  3. Nose tip plasty
  4. Septoplasty
  5. Alarplasty
  6. Turbinoplasty


Rhinoplasty Surgery in Dubai is the most amazing option available for patients with an unattractive nose. It enhances the nose appearance by correcting different nasal flaws. The surgery is an excellent solution since it is capable of producing permanent alterations. It can correct dorsal bumps, deviated septum, nasal fractures, and congestion. You are strongly recommended to see an experienced surgeon for this type of surgery as in general, it is included in the list of riskiest cosmetic procedures. The skills of the surgeon matter a lot in producing the desired changes in the nose shape.

Rhinoplasty Falls into two Categories:

Open Rhinoplasty – a small incision is made in the nasal bridge to clearly see the nose anatomy. The surgeon then modifies the overall shape by resetting that cartilage-and-bone structure.

Closed Rhinoplasty – Instead of making an incision in the nose, the doctor works through the nostrils. Closed Rhinoplasty involves the quick recovery and brilliant upshots.

Liquid Rhinoplasty:

If you have smaller bumps, then you shouldn’t consider going under the knife to have them removed. Liquid Rhinoplasty is a good option here. Modifications are made in the nose by utilizing dermal fillers. During the treatment, shots will be administered to the nasal bridge to flatten the bumps. This will make a straight slope from the nose tip up to the bridge. Nevertheless, this non-surgical enhancement is less expensive and does not require downtime or long recovery periods which makes it a wonderful option.

How Much Does Nose Bump Removal Cost?

The cost of dorsal hump reduction varies widely based on the type of treatment, the experience of the surgeon, the location of the health center, and the type of results patient wants to get. Find the exact cost of bump correction in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah, meet an experienced surgeon in person.

Selecting the Best Surgeon!

If you are looking for a surgeon to do your nose surgery successfully, it’s better to choose a certified surgeon. Check a Surgeon’s background and credentials before making this big decision or have a question you have that Why Does my Nose Have a Bump on the Bridge. However, you can get in touch with us if you want to get an expert medical or cosmetic opinion as world-renowned specialists are working Dynamic Cosmetic Surgery. Schedule a free of cost appointment by filling the consultation form or calling us.