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Ear surgery in Dubai is not the most invasive procedure, but it’s the most common, thanks to its effectiveness. Here’s all you need to know about this procedure including the recovery time, risks, side-effects, etc. if you are planning to go down that road.

Ear surgery aka otoplasty involves modifying bone and cartilage to reshape, reposition and resize the ear. But because it is invasive, the doctor will use local or general anesthesia while carrying out this procedure. And just so you know anesthesia carries the risk of some serious complications. So, overall, otoplasty has a long and difficult recovery. In most cases, it takes about six weeks to fully recover from Otoplasty surgery. For detailed information about what is the recovery time of ear surgery in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah, continue reading.

What Happens During Otoplasty?

Otoplasty is typically performed as an outpatient procedure but being a surgical procedure, it may take three hours or more to complete.

There are three basic steps involved in traditional otoplasty surgery:

  1. Incision Creation
  2. Tissue adjustment
  3. Incision closure with stitches

The Process!

In the beginning, the practitioner will administer anesthesia to make sure you don’t feel any pain or discomfort. In the next step, he will make incisions on the backs of the ears through which existing tissues will be modified. At last, incisions will be closed with sutures.

What Should I expect during Recovery?

Pain and discomfort after otoplasty are pretty normal but fortunately, these side-effects can be easily controlled with medications. However, if you take medications but the side-effects get worse, you may want to contact the surgeon immediately.

Also, note that you may develop itchy skin immediately after treatment. This itchiness may last for a week or two. Consider avoiding scratching the skin otherwise it would become a serious, long-term medical problem.

Before you leave the clinic, be sure to ask plastic surgeons questions about what you can expect during your recovery phase.

  1. What activities can I resume right after the surgery?
  2. What pain killers can I take to control pain?
  3. Should I use bandages/dressing? If so, when will they be removed?
  4. What type of follow-up care is required?

Note that, the practice of medicine is not accurate science. Although amazing outcomes are expected, there is no guarantee of full satisfaction with the treatment. Also, in some cases, it may not be able to deliver optimal results in one session. This means another surgery may be required.

Post-Operative Instructions:

You should familiarize yourself with the following tips both before and after your operation. By using them, you will achieve the best results from the operation without complications. Anyhow, if questions arise, there is no need to hesitate to communicate with your surgeon at any time.

For at least 2 days, sleep with your head elevated with three to four pillows.

Properly take medications prescribed by the doctor

Keep the dressings, and bandages dry and intact

Be patient. You won’t be able to see results instantly

Immediately after the surgery, the ears may appear asymmetrical. In general, it takes about two months to see fuller results

Avoid sun exposure for at least two months

The Takeaway:

Following your doctor’s instructions is the key to successful ear surgery. Remember, it is important that the wounds are not subjected to sun exposure, excessive force, or abrasion during a recovery phase.

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