Ultherapy Treatment Cost in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

With the increasing time and the competition in life, non-surgical methods are becoming the prime concern for people. Increasing age causes diverse effects on not only hair and teeth but also on the skin. It decreases the amount of protein in the skin that helps to strengthen the skin and makes it healthy. Collagen and elastin are a natural component of our skin that tightens it and makes it stronger. A reduction in the amount of both these may produce wrinkles and fine lines on the face that will eventually make you look older. 

On the other hand, there are some young people who are facing these skin issues from now. This is because they do not have enough time to take care of their diet and give an adequate amount of time to their skin. Lack of nutrition and care leads them to get prone to different skin conditions. Nevertheless, they do not have to worry about it. Because there is a non-surgical treatment available which is Ultherapy. Before opting for the procedure. People are curious to know about the Ultherapy Treatment Cost in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

What is it?

It is an external skin procedure that does not require an approach to the inner layer of skin. This treatment is free of invasions and stitches. It only uses ultrasound waves that help to stimulate the production of collagen. It penetrates deeper into the skin and makes the skin stretch and stronger.  Moreover, this is of only 30 minutes to the one-hour procedure. And the doctor performs this procedure in his office.


Ultherapy in Dubai is a cautious and FDA-accepted procedure. It does not require a long time to occur. However, the time totally depends on the surface of the treatment area. The greater the surface area will consume more time. And smaller one requires less time. It is an office-based procedure that is done under the supervision of experts.

  • The doctor will first assess your past medical history and examine your skin thoroughly and then move toward the treatment.
  • Cleanses the skin with a mild gentle cleanser.
  • Applies the gel on the specific area so that the device moves easily and delivers the ultrasound equally on the skin.
  • The client may return to normal activity after some time.


Ultherapy is a cost-effective procedure. However, it may vary for every single individual. As every person has a different skin condition so it may affect the cost. The price of the procedure ranges from AED 1,499 to AED 11,999. There are other several factors that may also have an effect on it.

Cost-Relating Factors:

  • Treatment Area:

The cost directly depends on the treatment area. The number and size of the specific area for the procedure affect the fee of the procedure. The greater number of sites and larger surface area both effects cost in a positive way. However, the smaller and less area makes the cost lessen.

  • Amount of Sessions:

The number of sessions that are actually required to achieve the outcomes of the clients may also affect the fees of the procedure. Therefore, after completely examining your skin the doctors decides the final cost.

  • Doctor’s credentials:

The price of Ultherapy may vary according to the doctor who does it. Doctors with better training and credentials typically have the ability to charge more for their services. This is due to the fact that they frequently have greater experience and may be more in demand by patients. 

  • Clinic Site:

Clinic location may also affect the cost. The city and area may also have an impact on the fees. Similarly, every country has its own list of costs for treatments. In addition, the clinics that are present in higher demand for ultherapy may charge higher.

  • Status of the Clinic:

According to the degree of the facility, Ultherapy prices may change. Ultherapy prices may be higher in larger facilities with more modern equipment. And lower in smaller facilities with less advanced technology.

  • Skin condition:

Skin condition is also another major factor that affects the cost. If the person got acne, the ultherapy will be done in conjunction with some other treatment to treat this factor therefore, will cost more. Similarly, a person with a healthier skin condition will achieve the desired results than a person who got several skin conditions to treat.

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