PRP Injection For Under Eyes in Dubai, Abu Dhbai & Sharjah Cost

*Bring Back the Glamour Of Your Eyes With PRP*

PRP Eye Rejuvenation- It’s the Dark Circle Treatment that can transform your tired eyes- alert, fresh, and young. Once injected means no more puffiness, simply bright and clear skin. At times, PRP is also combined with fillers to treat the hollows around the eyes. Particularly, it’s good for people suffering from premature aging under the eyes.      Here’s the lowdown on everything important related to PRP Injections For under Eyes in Dubai.

Tackle The Root Of Problem:

Before you seek any treatment for your dark circles, focus on underlying causes first. Usually, dark circles occur because of your lifestyle. Inadequate sleep and stress can lower the blood supply to the eyes which results in lost elasticity and skin tend to sag. Besides, sleeping with eye makeup can also irritate eyes making them puffy.Individuals of Asia and Africa are renowned to have hyper-pigmented eyes due to the common genetic attributes of thin skin. So in any case, all you can do is change your lifestyle. Make necessary changes by avoiding the disputes indicated above, then go for PRP Treatment. This can help achieve instant, dramatic results.

How PRP Works?

Plasma therapy is one of the effective and natural procedures to treat puffy, dark, and pigmented eyes. This therapy makes use of your blood to extricate special fluid. Doctors draw a sample of blood and spin it in a centrifugal machine. Afterward, they develop fluid comprised of growth factors, platelets, stem cells, and other components that greatly help in healing.The dermatologist then injects the prepared serum carefully under the eyes. Depending upon the severity of dark circles you may need 2-3 sessions scheduled at an interval of 3-4 weeks each.As for effectiveness, the results typically last for six to twelve months or perhaps more. It is highly dependent upon aftercare as well as consistency with the post-sessions.


  • Repairs the damaged tissues
  • Creates more blood vessels
  • Encourages better blood supply


To get good results from PRP injections for under eyes in Dubai, it’s necessary to appear in 4 sittings with a gap of 3 weeks. This sitting figure might vary in your case. However, by attending its sessions habitually you can increase the effectiveness and permanence of the treatment. Besides, the longevity of results greatly depends upon your aftercare routine.Note that, this therapy can be renewed every year because it’s an utterly natural cure and there is no harm in acquiring its counter sessions.


The only downside to PRP injection is the price of AED 700. So far it’s not as high but paying it repeatedly can be annoying. Repeated sessions are required in terms of achieving the best results. You can either ask your doctor to provide a precise estimate imposed on a few PRP sessions.

Important Tips:

To cherish beautiful eyes for a lifetime, consider some tips mentioned below.

  • Sleep well
  • Inspect your health
  • Always wear sunscreen
  • Enjoy the benefits of ice
  • Moisturizers can help too

The Takeaway!

One PRP Injection can be your lifetime worthwhile decision ever. It’s the best choice to bring back fullness under the eyes. Besides this, plasma therapy also tackles a couple of other skin or hair-related problems. However the prices vary depending upon the number of sessions, and the unique concern one suffers. At times, PRP is combined with lasers, peeling, or fillers to get fruitful results.For further details and consultations for “PRP Injections For Under Eyes in Dubai”, contact us now. Use the online form to book your appointment or call directly at +971561772998