Get gynecomastia surgery for perfect male breast

Having feminized male breasts can be very shameful and embarrassing for men as it is a matter of masculinity. Anyone can be a victim of this undesirable condition as there are number of factors that can cause it. The most common causes include weight gain, puberty, aging, and malnutrition. Some medications can also lead to male breast enlargement. With the help of Gynecomastia surgery, men can improve the appearance of the breasts and make them look perfect in the nicest way possible. Although it is a surgical way of enhancing male breasts, still the demand for this aesthetic surgery has continued to increase over the past few decades because people today are more conscious about themselves.

The surgery for perfect male breasts

If you are also suffering from this embarrassing condition then Gynecomastia surgery is a good option for you to consider. You are recommended to have the surgery from a skilled and qualified aesthetic surgeon because only he can provide you the ideal results. Right after the surgery, you will see a dramatic improvement in the look of the chest and you will begin to feel more confident about your body.

The technique we use:

Liposuction technique is used in the male breast reduction surgery to eliminate excess fat from the chest region. It is a safe and effective way of enhancing the breast as negligible scarring and minor side-effects are associated with it. The procedure can take 2-4 hours depending upon what changes are required to be made. The goal of the surgery is to provide you with a masculine chest, free from fat deposits and excess tissues. Recovery is also smooth and simple, you don’t have to waste weeks and weeks of your precious time to recover from it. From the surgery, breast volume is reduced and overall chest contour is improved.

Risks and safety

If your surgeon is not experienced then the surgical correction of enlarged male breasts may cause some complications for you after the procedure. Potential complications include bleeding, severe bruising, permanent scarring, asymmetries, contour irregularities, loss of skin, and numbness in nipples. You are requested to follow all the pre & post-operative instructions of the surgeon to get the best outcome without facing complications. It is best to seek out qualified, experienced, trained, and board-certified surgeon for your operation.

Positives and negatives of Gynecomastia surgery

Those men who are healthy and have no serious medical conditions are perfect candidates for Gynecomastia surgery in Dubai. An ideal candidate will enjoy the following benefits,

  • Increased self-confidence and improved social life
  • Achieve masculinized male breasts from the surgery without major side-effects
  • Permanent, outstanding and dramatic results
  • One-time treatment, so the sufferer doesn’t have to undergo the procedure, again and again, to keep up the outcome
  • A safe, effective and simple way of enhancing the chest contour
  • Highest levels of patients satisfaction are associated with this surgery

Besides all the positives of gynecomastia surgery, there also lie a few negatives of male breast reduction surgery. These are,

  • Wound healing after the surgery can take time. For some patients, the recovery period extends up to months that becomes a big problem
  • Incisions are made, therefore, like all the cosmetic procedures it also has a risk of infection as we know bacteria are likely to enter and worsen the wound
  • You might experience numbness and loss of sensation in your chest of nipples for a week after the surgery

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