Electrolysis Laser Hair Removal in Dubai

Be beautiful, and live happily. Electrolysis Laser Hair Removal in Dubai & Abu Dhabi is an affordable, versatile, and long-term solution to remove unwanted body hair. It has been in use for several decades and is still considered a great way to treat most areas of the body. Unlike Laser Treatment, it can target all hair colors including white, black, and blond. Furthermore, it has a very low risk of complications.

How Does it Work?

The professional performs electrolysis with the help of an electrical device and tweezer. The device generates short-wave radiofrequency that destroys the follicles and a tweezer is used to pull the destroyed shaft out of the skin. It is a safe and effective form of hair reduction for both men and women and no permanent side effects are linked to it. Anyhow, it is very important to find the right professional for this procedure. This makes it possible to obtain natural-looking and lasting electrolysis upshots.


Electrolysis is a great way of improving skin appearance by removing extra hair. It is FDA-cleared and offers natural-looking results to most patients. Besides, the process itself is simple and quick. It does not involve any side effects or complications. So, don’t delay. Book your appointment for this procedure today.

Results of Electrolysis:

You can get silky, smooth skin permanently with Electrolysis. But it should be pointed out that the full treatment course can be lengthy. More precisely, you will probably be advised to take 20 to 25 sessions to see a visible change in hair growth. The good news is that once you achieve the desired results, they seem to last forever.

Prepare for Your Electrolysis Hair Removal Dubai:

To help you prepare for your first Electrolysis appointment, we are putting forward a few basic suggestions,

  1. Be gentle towards your skin. Do not shave, or wax the problem area for at least seven to ten days.
  2. Please research the treatment you‘re interested in. Getting electrolysis will be a life-changing decision. You need to gather information about it smartly.
  3. You should talk with the doctor if you have any skin concerns. Sun exposure can affect the treatment results. Avoid spending too much time in the sun.
  4. You would be proud of yourself after you finish the course. We promise.

Treatment Areas:

Electrolysis Laser Hair Removal in Dubai is used to remove body hair painlessly. Ideally, this approach works best for:

  1. Face.
  2. Legs.
  3. Arms.
  4. Chest.
  5. Underarms.

Procedure of Electrolysis Hair Removal Dubai:

Electrolysis is the only permanent solution available for people who want to address the problem of undesirable hair. Though, the process can be quite painful.

On the day of your treatment, come to the clinic make-up free. Generally, doctors use local anesthesia in electrolysis sessions in order to reduce the pain to zero. Anesthesia numbs the skin and makes the procedure virtually painless.

In the procedure, a very fine probe is inserted in the unwelcoming hair follicle to destroy it. Then, the doctor plucks the hair strand with a sterilized tweezer.

Anyway, please note that it is more painful and requires more sessions than laser hair removal. In general, patients need local anesthesia and at least twenty sessions to enjoy longer-lasting and painless hair reduction.


Instantly after the treatment, and for at least 1 week afterward, the treated skin might seem swollen, bruised, and red. But these side effects should go away within a defined time period. Otherwise, you need to consult with the doctor immediately.

Cost of Electrolysis Hair Removal Dubai:

In Dubai, AED 200 is a safe estimated cost for one electrolysis session.

The Takeaway!

Don’t want to wax or shave hair anymore? Want a more reliable solution? Embarrassed by the too-hairy body? A long-term hair elimination method, Electrolysis Laser Hair Removal in Dubai & Abu Dhabi is a non-surgical treatment that does not require the patient to undergo general anesthesia. It works by using an electrical device and tweezer to pull out hair from targeted areas of the body, leaving individuals with smoother and hairless skin. Since it is non-invasive, cost-effective, easy to perform, and less-time intensive, it is definitely worth receiving.

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