Cost of Six Pack Abs Surgery in Dubai | Price & Offers

Men of any age either above 40 or below 20 always strive to have six pack abs in their body. Obesity, weight gain, excessive weight loss, ailments and diseases can lead to changes in the overall body type. 

No matter how much you invest in a gym in order to achieve those 6 packs all go in vain if you have abandoned the exercises and the routine. A more easier and long term approach in such a case is a 6 pack abs surgery that will stay by your side for as long as you want if you follow the proper instructions after the surgery.  You can see down below to know about the Cost of Six Pack Abs Surgery in Dubai. 

What is a Six Pack Abs Surgery?

A Six pack abs surgery involves a procedure in which the muscles of the thorax, abdomen our reconstructed in order to make them more pronounced well defined and tight.The need of this surgery has nothing to do with any medical reason and the sole purpose of this surgery is just to restore aesthetics and improve the overall body contour.

How is the Illusion of Six Pack Abs Created?

This totally depends upon the surgeon’s skills however for a better understanding, the process will include defining the abdominal muscles through liposuction and the existing fat will help in the appearance of the thickened muscles all over.

What are the Prime benefits of A 6 Pack abs surgery ?

  • A perfect overall body type is the major benefit of Six Pack Abs Surgery in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.
  • Better confidence and feeling of masculinity.
  • Well defined body shape.
  • Feeling lighter and less burdened.
  • Restores a lot of strength .
  • A better muscular tendency.

Who are the Ideal Candidates for the Surgery?

  •  Men who have lost a lot of weight instantly.
  •  Men or women who have gained a significant amount of weight.
  •  Candidates who do not smoke or use any other intoxicants such as alcohol.
  •  Candidates free of comorbidities such as hypertension and diabetes.
  •  Women who are not pregnant and are not lactating.
  •  Men who have undergone a Tummy Tuck, abdominoplasty and now want the illusion of six pack abs.

How is the Procedure of a Six Pack Abs Performed?

Various surgeons that have different methods of performing the surgery here is a closer look of how A Six Pack Abs Surgery in Dubai, Sharjah & Abu Dhabi is done.

  • At first you will be told to consult a surgeon or a body contouring specialist to see how your surgery will be planned.
  • A detailed medical examination will be done including all the lab tests that show how medically fit you are.
  • Any candidate having problems or medical diseases associated with the abdomen will be unsuitable for the surgery.
  • The candidate will be told to forsake medications or blood thinners.
  • Once all the preparation is completed the patient will then be scheduled for the surger.
  • The areas and contouring will be marked by using a fine pen that can be easily understandable by the surgeon.
  • A local anesthesia is administered to numb the targeted site.
  • As soon as the local anesthesia is effective incisions will be made on the map areas.
  • The fat is then removed and adjusted into the required areas following the decided pattern.

What are the Post Operative Care Instructions? 

  • Refrain from lifting heavy objects.
  • Clean your wounds and stitches with alcohol swabs.
  • Do not bend excessively.
  • Where your compression clothes that are specially designed for such surgeries.
  •  Take salt sitz bath.
  • Avoid scrubbing or scratching in the treated area.
  • Prevent infections and bacterial contamination use your own towel and avoid sharing.
  • If you are a immunocompromised and are prone to infections then you will be prescribed with antibiotics, and don’t forget to take those antibiotics and painkillers in combination.

Note: don’t forget your post two weeks follow up 

What is the Cost of Six Pack Abs Surgery in Dubai?

The Cost of Six Pack Abs Surgery in Dubai ranges from 6,999AED to 9,999 AED. However certain factors are also dependent on its such as; 

  • The complexity of the surgery .
  • City of the surgery the amount of fat removal and grafting required in the candidate .
  • The age of the patient required.
  • The stiffness of the muscles .
  • The experience and  qualification of the surgeon.

What are the Risk Factors Associated with Six Pack Abs Surgery in Dubai?

There are no risk factors associated with the surgery as such however following as some potential risks that can be observed in some patients.

  •  Mild to moderate swelling .
  •  Pain and discomfort in the first few hours after the surgery.
  •  inability to bend until the recovery.
  •  tenderness at the treatment site.

 The Bottom Line!

If you want to flaunt your body this summer and expose your perfect sculpture then get your hands on the six pack abs surgery in Dubai and get that ideal figure you always wanted so stop book your  free consultation and avail the surgery at very discounted prices.