Gel Nail Polish Short Course in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Gel Nail Polish:

As the name suggests, these types of nail polishes contain gel-like material in them. These polishes usually come in bottles and pots but applied to the nails in the same way as traditional nail paints. However, they are more appealing, leveling, and smoothing. Another good thing is the fact that they don’t leave brush strokes behind so they look extremely astonishing and eye-opening.

Short Course:

Gel nail course is one of the most popular nail courses today. By joining our course, you can learn how to perform UV/LED nail art in the easiest and safest way possible. The course also explains the safe, correct, and quick application of gel nail polish. The short course covers both the basic and advanced techniques so I assure you that after completing the course you would be able to call yourself an expert.

What will you Learn from this Course?

The aim of our trainers is to teach you how to carry out dry manicure and to apply and remove the gel nail polish system correctly. We will teach you theoretical knowledge as well as tell you about safety procedures to help you practice nail art methods to professional standards.

Our short course of gel nail polish will help you to,

  1. Begin your career in the vast aesthetic field
  2. Learn theoretical and practical knowledge of basic as well as advanced beauty procedures
  3. Acquire knowledge on skin hygiene, types, and tones
  4. Understand classic mani-pedi procedures to groom your hands and feet
  5. Analyze facial anatomy and learn about safety criteria for cosmetic products

Course Units:

We offer this course at an affordable rate so if you are planning to get training on Gel Nail Polish Short Course in Dubai & Abu Dhabi procedure, contact us. Our instructors will help you understand different nail file types and shapes.

Other course units include,

  • Determining facial anatomy
  • Acquiring information on skin undertones and shades
  • Learn to fix various nail art problems
  • Mastering the skills of producing mirror-like shines
  • Learning how to protect nails from ablation and depletion
  • You will be able to use products and equipment required to enhance nails
  • Practicing beauty procedures on live models
  • Contra-actions, contra-indications and how to deal with them
  • Preparation and post-procedural guidelines


It is a one-day gel nail polish application, maintenance, and removal course. You are strictly advised to attend all the classes of the short course to offer your clients all the revolutionary nail shining procedures.

Why Should I join this Training Course?

Learn about Gel Nail Polish Short Course in Dubai & Abu Dhabi from top-rated academy instructors. It will give you a better understanding of beauty treatments, from the basics to the advanced methods. Students will be able to learn manicure, pedicure, nail art, and gel nail paint skills quickly.


The classes of short courses will be held at Al-Barsha heights/Dubai.

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